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  1. Yay i am so happy the evil is defeated. Mackellar voted independent & warringah smashed that transfobe! So glad that even with the Murdoch media bias aussies saw through the bullshit& voted the liberals out!
  2. I agree re throwing tran people under the bus and trying to make a culture war like what the Republicans do in the US to win vote. Deves is doing Scummos work for him trying to get votes for those against change and equal rights etc hoping that will get him over the line. The media is disgusting and totally one sided we readdy do need that Royal comission into Murdochs monopoly here as its become very obvious during the election that the media is now just Liberal propaganda now. I just hope they dont manage to brainwash people into voting for the Libs again who have done nothing for the country especially in the last 3 years. I was so pissed at the PM during the fires. He doesn't give a shit about anyone and no money has been givem to people wholes lives have been destroyed by the fires same with Lismore after the floods. I really hope he is booted and a lot of the lib main guys like Dutton and Frydenburg and the fake gay progressive Tim. However i do sense a change is coming similar to kevin 07. No matter how hard the media trys to get people to vote libs i think people can see through the shit and want them gone. Im just worried that clive Palmer and his preferences to the libs will scrape morrison over the line again. We cant have 3 more years of him he will ruin the country and im super worried about the at religious discrimination bill as i fear he wants to wind back rights like the USA will do once Roe v Wade is overturned.
  3. I think there was already a topic for this before the forum lost a few weeks of posting. Just interested to see what the other Aussie members are thinking. Will be finally free of Morrison and 9 years of Liberal shit leadership or will the Murdoch and media propaganda and Clive Palmers fake party get the liberals over the line again? Im excited as i live in Mackellar and we have a good independent who may actually win and boot the liberals out here who have had the seat for like 50years! I am getting angry at that Transphobe from Warringah she is the electorate next to mine so i have to see her face and lies every day on my way to work. Horrible woman. Thankfullyno one likes her when she is on the community i see no one take her fliers or speak to her and she has hardly any helpers where as Zalia has so many helpers and signs everywhere and lots of support. Praying for change in government for our future and the environment and to get rid of the corrupt bastards and Murdoch monopoly.
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