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  1. The juice media have done it again great "ad" for why we need to vote the bastards out.
  2. I voted early last week. I am hoping for a change in government the Liberals are horrible. So corrupt and have sold off everything and wiped out our forests and animals they just don't care and I will be disgusted if they get back in....But with the economy tanking and interest rates rising I am worried people will vote with their wallets and vote the Liberals back in due to the lie they are better economy managers. I hope I am wrong. I am in a liberal land but we voted teals in the federal election so I am hoping we can do the same again.
  3. I think there was already a topic for this before the forum lost a few weeks of posting. Just interested to see what the other Aussie members are thinking. Will be finally free of Morrison and 9 years of Liberal shit leadership or will the Murdoch and media propaganda and Clive Palmers fake party get the liberals over the line again? Im excited as i live in Mackellar and we have a good independent who may actually win and boot the liberals out here who have had the seat for like 50years! I am getting angry at that Transphobe from Warringah she is the electorate next to mine so i have to see her face and lies every day on my way to work. Horrible woman. Thankfullyno one likes her when she is on the community i see no one take her fliers or speak to her and she has hardly any helpers where as Zalia has so many helpers and signs everywhere and lots of support. Praying for change in government for our future and the environment and to get rid of the corrupt bastards and Murdoch monopoly.
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