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  1. Maybe I’m a little too blonde, but I’ve already gotten confused about which way to “X” out of a tab or tweet (or whatever) on my phone. I don’t have an account, but sometimes I would check the MadonnaNation Twitter — and then I couldn’t for a while, because they locked out all the users who don’t have accounts. At some point recently, they must have relented, because I could see the MNation Twitter again. And that’s when I got the Xes confused. It seems like a ridiculous decision.
  2. peter

    Missed you, ackito… So glad to see you back. (Totally get why you needed a little break, though.) Life’s been a bit bumpy — have been meaning to write, because I know I owe you a message, but just haven’t found time. Sorry for dropping the ball. Will try to remedy that soon. Hope all is well for you. Take good care of yourself, sweets. xo. :inlove: 

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