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Would you pay thousands to look like THIS...

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32 minutes ago, horn said:

How DARE he use Vogue for his intro background music?! :americanlife:

Do the HM's pick a background song to use when they're entering,  or is it the producers?

He's hardly someone people look to for fashion and inspiration,, so it's strange they gave him that particular song when he looks as hideous as he does.

I hate to say it, but I think they were throwing shade at Madonna, tbh.


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13 hours ago, horn said:

They booted him.


I just watched it. They haven't said what he did, they just called him into the diary room and then announced he wasn't coming back.

Days ago he was given a final warning for using the N-word. 

He came across exactly as you'd expect anyway. Besties with the loudmouthed bitch of the bunch, creepy, inappropriate, gossipy and weird.

Celeb BB is usually good for a laugh, but this lot are just CRAP.

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On 8/26/2018 at 12:43 PM, horn said:

I didn't watch the show.

I just googled it and found out he'd been booted.

Liar liar. You stalking him.

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On 8/24/2018 at 1:29 PM, fookmetoo said:

So he's racist and a homophobe. Overall, I would be scared to bump into Chucky at night. His eyes look flueorescent and his "confidence" in his own "looks" is unbelievable.

He's just been in the papers with his new boyfriend who's a plastic surgeon.

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Human Ken Doll EXCLUSIVE: Rodrigo Alves is offered £3.5m to REMOVE his manhood to 'play the lead role in upcoming movie'

By Mailonline Reporter
Published: 11:43 GMT, 20 November 2018  | Updated: 13:04 GMT, 20 November 2018

He's not one to shy away when it comes to showing off his body.

And Rodrigo Alves aka the Human Ken Doll was the subject of a prank by Italian TV show Le Iene on Sunday where he was asked to have his manhood removed for £3.5m, in order to be the star of an upcoming children's film.

The 35-year old told MailOnline on Tuesday, he was tricked into believing he would appear in a major Disney film but would need to be castrated for the role beforehand in order to look 'family friendly.'


The TV show, dubbed 'Hyenas' for their cruel pranks, hired a fake director to meet Rodrigo and offer him a role in a big Hollywood production subject to him having a smaller manhood.

He told MailOnline: 'My well-being and dignity will always come first and I would not stand for that. I said no straight away but I completely believed it was real.'

'I cannot be bought for any sum of money so I was not happy at all when they made the request.'


Rodrigo completed a series of screen tests and after passing the audition spent some time chatting to directors about the role which would need him to alter his body.

The fake movie director tried to persuade Rodrigo to have the surgery - his 63rd -  by saying: 'I'd love it if my children played with dolls called Rodrigo not Ken'.

A reluctant Rodrigo was adamant he wanted to 'have surgery to please myself not anyone else' and that the operation would be 'so risky'.

The Brazilian has had 62 plastic surgeries, four ribs removed and more than 150 cosmetics procedures throughout the years.


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6 hours ago, Magician said:

This is exactly like Gaga’s staged PDAs for the paparazzi! 

Exactly. The passionate ass grab is especially hilarious. 

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