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  1. Vogue was perfect. Still iconic and another great representation of a massive, unforgettable and ground breaking number one smash. She looked and sounded great and for all of those tits who are slagging her off, they should simply be asked: what are you looking at?
  2. I have really enjoyed the album. The more I listen to it the more I like Medellín. I love the tracks on disc 2 at the moment. I think God Control is really clever. My only gripe is that remixes for all of the singles aren’t available and I would have loved some physical copies of the singles to collect. A great album and era. I’m hoping there are more surprises along the way.
  3. It’s a very good album. I’m intrigued by the rumors of a second album and a arena/stadium world tour. Someone said expect the unexpected or there’s more surprises to come. I hope the surprises are mind blowing.
  4. When I played the CD on my laptop, it says it’s a DVD. Stupid question for me to ask but could that mean some hidden content on there to be unlocked at a later date. I’m not up with the technical stuff but it said DVD by the disc icon.
  5. The performance looked like she was having fun. It showed, I think, 4 Madame X looks as holograms and was something different than she had done before. Don’t know why people are being negative. Fun song, fun vibe, fun performance. Good promotion. Where’s the remixes at?
  6. Just a daft thought, but might the theatre video be for a remix of the song I Rise. A bit like WIFLFAG?
  7. I like the way these look like wanted posters. Like 2 different aliases. Wanted Madame X.
  8. Yeah agreed. She was proud and excited about the music she was making so her and Mirwais were making #magic together. That’s what I reckon and it’s sweet.
  9. 24th seems so long away with all this great iTunes activity. Wish the video would drop now. Wonder if there will be any physical releases? Perhaps the remixes will come on iTunes soon?
  10. Any news on a physical release? I’m greedy af. Noticed that there was a 7” picture disc with the box set. Just made me wonder what track the picture disc was? I’d love to be able to buy a physical for this release. Bring on the formats!
  11. The sewn together lips reminds me of the Oh Father video casket scene.
  12. Cover reminds me of this too. I think it looks good. So excited for the new music.
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