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  1. I'm referring to the beaches in Naples. The sand is very white and the waters are pretty calm. You can view gorgeous sunsets from the pier which goes pretty far out into the ocean. The area is a bit pricey though. While in Naples I also usually drive an hour north to Bowman's Beach on Sanibel island. It's very nice and has a great selection of sea shells. I've also heard great things about Siesta Key. I'll probably drive up there sooner or later when visiting Naples. It's not too bad of a drive.
  2. Haha funny story! I'm actually looking very forward to visiting my parents in southwest Florida. Besides missing them, I can't wait to swim in the ocean. Beaches are beautiful in that area.
  3. Think I commented about your tranny chasers comment. I said something about these type of guys being interesting lol
  4. Haha I like this. The thing is that soon enough social media will make Gen X the evil ones. You already see this.. People will always rebel against previous generations.
  5. I'm Gen X, so I always wanted to see boomers and millennial eventually destroy each other and leave the rest of us alone. Some journalists have even written articles about how Boomers and Millennials generations are both more alike than they like to admit.
  6. She looks like an exotic Siberian beauty that her Russian billionaire oligarch husband picked out to marry. They're in London for the weekend for a high end shopping spree.
  7. I don't know the exact surgeries she has undergone, but I'm guessing she's specifically in Thailand to have gender reassignment surgery. Very good treatments and relatively low cost.
  8. Think there are many draconian laws around the world regarding homos. Let's hope in the upcoming years some of these harsh penalties are abolished.
  9. Think so many people who become politicians do it for power no matter how they deny it. Power tripping can feel like a high for narcissistic people. Look at how many liberal democratic politicians in the US did not advocate for gay marriage laws until it was absolutely safe for them to do so. LGBT people will always be an easy target for politicians to exploit or use to distract from bigger problems.
  10. I actually grew to enjoy MX more as time went by. In my opinion the entire era turned out great (beside the Cancelations snd very late start times). I also wish more fans had the opportunity to see MX in person.
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