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6 hours ago, Gaudet said:

1991, the 3rd APLA Dance-A-Thon in LA, raising funds for victims of AIDS:


This makes me so nostalgic and sad 😔

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13 hours ago, Gaudet said:

Let's post the full speech then


Wow amazing speech. She was on point with the change in the air and that people were scared of change and people who were different and becoming intolerant again. This was 2012 and 4 years later she was right and it has snow balled. Look at all the right wing governments and anger and fear at people of different races, religions, colour and of course our LGBT community.

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5 hours ago, Humberto77rj said:

Has a rumoured setlist leakd already?


5 hours ago, karbatal said:

There was a certified rumour but I'm not sure it included Vogue?

I thought it was pretty much confirmed we were getting Vogue, American Life, future and I rise? Or has that since been cast into doubt? 






Or has she seen the light and ditched Future! 😜

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