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  1. This was amazing. Especially wonderful to see her dancing again. Can’t wait for the tour!!!
  2. American Life is and always will be relevant every time there is a republican in office. Thank you, next
  3. Chills all over. This is the Madonna the media doesn’t want people to see.
  4. I’m actually fucking STOKED to see American Life get performed again... especially in this political climate. Re-invent it and bring it back. Haters can piss off honestly. Stop complaining.
  5. The album is very experimental. Will be alienating for some in the same way I think American Life was. But it is strikingly brilliant in its detour from traditional pop song structure. My only complaint is the auto tune on almost every track. However, I’m sure it will grow on me. Killers Who Are Partying and I Don’t Search I Find are stand outs for me
  6. Does anyone have the fonts used for the title and single covers?
  7. Does anyone know the lyrics to the vocoder part???
  8. I’m excited for reviews that are gonna actually talk about lyrics/ sounds of the various songs we haven’t heard. Ready for this week
  9. Thank you for saying this. Jesus Christ. Clearly some ppl have forgotten
  10. I have always wondered if she would do a reinvented greatest hits album. Bringing all of her classics into modern day (just like she does on her tours). She’s the artist that STARTED this trend on tours — totally reinventing hits to make them new and fresh... bringing them into the present day . That’s one of the reasons I love her.
  11. In his defense/M’s defense.... Quavo has always looked that way. Fish eyes - big, bulbous, and with absolutely no brain behind them.... poor thing
  12. I am dyyyyyying to hear more!!!!!!! June 14 can't come soon enough ugh!!!!! Has there been any write ups or descriptions on the rest of the songs??
  13. This song SLAPSSSSS yo!!!! Absolute fire. I love the vocal effect and the edginess of the song. It’s what I was hoping Medellín would be honestly
  14. It fucking shits. This is by far my favorite so far!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. best song so far in my opinion. that opening line gives me LIFEEEEE
  16. Exactly. and i LIVEEEEE for this effect
  17. "you ain't woke... come get woken" FUCK. ME. ALL. THE WAY. UP. QUEENNNNNNNNN
  18. she's dropping knowledge on these heauxs!!!!!!!!
  19. is the rumor still that we are only getting 2 songs??? if so, an interesting outfit choice!!!! Momma's going into battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. They played "Crave" on 99.5 this morning (for those that are in the Baltimore/DC/Virginia area of the states)
  21. one thing I love about M is that each album is a timecapsule in itself... this is very reflective of the current landscape in music. It's current, it's relevant. Many other legacy artists stick to their bread and butter.... M is constantly changing and reinventing.... that's why I love her so much. She doesn't like to repeat herself... and has repeatedly said that. So those that are acting surprised at how "different" it sounds... shouldn't be surprised.
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