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  1. Well, I still think that Madame X is a great album. I Love ir!
  2. I'm obsessed with this song, it's so good..
  3. I leave some of Spain .. very positive in general.. https://www.efeeme.com/madame-x-de-madonna/ https://www.google.es/amp/s/elpais.com/cultura/2019/06/14/actualidad/1560516521_825095.amp.html https://www.mondosonoro.com/criticas/discos-musica/madonna-madame-x/ https://www.elenanorabioso.com/2019/06/madonna-madame-x/ https://culturadiversa.es/2019/06/critica-madame-x-de-madonna.html https://www.google.es/amp/s/amp.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/madame-madonna-ofrece-experiencia-sonica-unica
  4. God control looking for Mercy killers who are partying extreme occident i don’t search I find
  5. I also enjoy every moment of this era and this jewel that is Madame x. is one of the best records of her carrer, We do not know when we will live something like this again. I do not think to cry for the charts, sales, if it dances more or less, I value all the effort that she has dedicated to this record, to this era.
  6. I find it incredible that there are fans complaining about this era and claiming that it is focused on her creams and children and not on their music. I remember you.. . Madame x her best album in ten years, I would say that one of the best of her career.. . Amazing reviews. .one of the best videos of her career ( God control) .videos for each song. .visually impeccable. .spectacular photos . number one in 60 countries on itunes. . number one in Usa once again (singing in Spanish and Portuguese) ...promotion in apple, Spotify, Snapchat, instagr
  7. Madonna has invested a lot of time in this album, she has hard work , more than many years ago .. it turns out that now Madonna is the only singer who throws creams, or makes movies, ..
  8. Well, I did not like Eurovision! nevertheless yesterday's performance yes I liked it .. I loved Vogue and God control.. Now it turns out that Mdna tour t Rebel heart tour was a shit ..... I do not know what else to expect from Madonna fans.. any artist would kill for doing a show like Madonna.!!. we do not deserve everything that she gives us.
  9. but are you really Madonna fans? you talk about her as if she sang like MARIA Callas two years ago Madonna has never had a spectacular voice, for me her merit is to become a number one without having a prodigious voice...
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