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  1. Often humorous ones are hand written by TfL staff at some stations - the above one is probably a joke.
  2. Latest from Little Britain: In the middle of a scorching heatwave hitting England with southern England baking worse than a turd in a hole, emergency government meeting supposedly held to discuss how to tackle the scorching heatwave emergency, yet once again Bovril de Faff Chopson fucks offs somewhere else during a crisis. The Faff is having a goodbye party at Chequers this weekend instead, because not nearly enough parties were held already during his despicable tenure. While de Faff Chopson is too busy stuffing himself with booze and cheese, his former party members have yet to decide which shithead is less deserving of replacing de Faff Chopson therefore ensuring he or she gets their vote. Meanwhile Lurpak 500gr has reached a staggering £5 price, gas & electricity bill have gone horribly up (again), our tax contributions also have gone up, more public transport strikes are looming, airports caos, apparently Covid cases + deaths are once again reaching high peaks yet no government meetings or public announcements are being made on that, and there are still people convinced Bovril Chopson did a great job at delivering Brexit, and that he handled the Covid pandemic saga brilliantly. The infamous sinister "Let the bodies pile up high" must have been a soundbite of unidentifiable origin to their thick skulls. Let them eat baked beans.
  3. How honorable of Bovril de Faff Chopson, given that he met with a former KGB officer back when he was Foreign Secretary without any officials with him + Russian money conveniently supporting his stubborn Brexit campaign, regardless of the fact that he used to sustain Remain but power addiction is stronger than any ethics in the world according to de Faff. Lovely jobly.
  4. The chancellor's taxes being investigated by the UK government tax office, for those who are unaware of what HMRC is. The chancellor, of all fucking people. Disgusting. The dirtier their dodgy dealings, the less involved in getting rid of them sleepy voters become. It's all part of a filthy class of country-ruining scumbags common people are desensitized about because they got used to them. As long as shallow uneducated little Britain can have the proverbial piss-up, waving flags at the sight of a bunch of overly privileged abhorrent perverts who don't give a shit about little Britain, watch Twats Island and Britain Has No Talent for further lobotomization, nobody cares about anything meaningful beyond their foamy bubble. One scandal after another, over and over - a perpetual embarrassment, both nationally and internationally. Dormant as ever the complicit so called "opposition", perennially divided.
  5. This will change how they handle security in Japan for ever. Poor Shinzo, terrible tragic end caused by a grudge-holding scumbag. Rest in peace.
  6. Political Turmoil in Britain To Pick Johnson’s Successor, Britain’s Conservatives Confront the Void He Leaves Behind Despite Mr. Johnson’s missteps, there is no prospect of an imminent general election under Britain’s parliamentary system, leaving the ultimate choice of Britain’s next leader to the roughly 200,000 members of the Conservative Party. “The extraordinary thing is that by the end of next week we could have no leader of the Conservative Party and no leader of the Labour Party,” said Peter Lilley, a Conservative member of the House of Lords and a former cabinet minister. Full article: To Pick Johnson’s Successor, Britain’s Conservatives Have to Reinvent the Party - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  7. Who will replace Boris Johnson? The runners and riders Who will replace Boris Johnson? The runners and riders | Conservative leadership | The Guardian Boris Johnson resigns – latest live updates
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