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M14: coming 'soon'


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1 hour ago, Suedey said:

No need to apologise I'm just having a bitchy moment because I'm tired of waiting (anticipating and hesitating) for her 😘


1 hour ago, FreeMySoul said:

sorry 🙁


59 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

See, she needs to throw us a bone!! We getting cranky up in here!! :banghead:

Hhhuggss!!! :kiss2:

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45 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:

She will receive an award from GLAAD this May that's the bone


I'll take crumbs like dark hair photos and video teasers. 🤐🕺🏼💃

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19 hours ago, CalinB said:

Thank you for uploading this!!!! I never seen this live performance!!!  It is my favorite M song!!! It got me through college and through my first couple of jobs... Gets me out of any funky mood, off my couch, and fired up and ready to GO every time I hear it. 

Over & Over is your favorite Madonna song but you've never seen Virgin Tour performance?

How. Does this. Happen?

I'd call for your immediate banning as a flop fan but Over & Over is such an excellent choice I must love you, of course.

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1 minute ago, Flip The Switch said:

Into The Groove / Over and Over / Spotlight is the ultimate dynasty. 

Unless you're talking videos then it's LAP, Express Yourself, Vogue. The Holy Trinity.

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18 hours ago, cocolattee said:

maybe she really wants Emmanuel Adjei to direct the video and she's waiting for him to be available

if that's still a thing


16 hours ago, CalinB said:

I do hope so. He can now direct in US since he joined The Directors Bureau mid-January.

I was thinking perhaps this was the case — someone insinuated as much when she started following the director on IG. There was a rumor that “they just had to work out the timing.” So perhaps that’s part of the timeline, too.

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18 hours ago, stevo208 said:

You may be right, but I still think  ago.to that interview at the MET gala when Nicki Minaj said they had a surprise coming next month and Madonna gave her the death stare. I do think something was supposed to happen... but she changed her mind. I suppose we'll never know. 

But did Nicki really say “next month”? I would need to go look up the old clip, but here is my recollection:

Nicki’s album was set to come out shortly. Many of us assumed it meant Madonna was featuring on a track for Nicki’s album. Then Nicki’s album was pushed back several months (to August?) and it was said to be over a sample clearance. And we continued conjecturing that perhaps, even if M wasn’t featuring, perhaps there was an iconic M sample. Then Nicki’s Queen album was released and there was zero Madonna presence.

So we went back to the clip then, and the new spin on Nicki’s comment was either:

1.) Nicki was referring to Madonna’s imminent performance inside the gala. (Many guests didn’t know it was happening, even though M had rehearsed. Jimmy Fallon’s story, for instance, related that M spoke to him one on one, but he had no idea what was about to happen. And he was shocked almost that it was her singing LAP b/c she had changed into her costume, etc.)

2.) Nicki features on a track for Madonna’s album — which many thought was still coming in 2018 at that point in time.

3.) Nicki knew about Champagne Rose — wasn’t she dating one of the Migos crew? It’s possible word had got around.

I don’t think “next month” came out of Nicki’s mouth. That was part of the fan rumor/expectation in the aftermath of the Met gala appearance.

Edit to add video:

Nicki says “coming soon” :chuckle:

I mean ... Madonna’s been saying the same thing since that time, so ... can we really blame Nicki for saying the same?

Bottom line: It doesn’t mean M met label pressure/resistance and was forced to change her whole album. (I know you’re not saying this, stevo, but that is a popular “fan fiction” narrative lately.)

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14 hours ago, Mensch said:

I hope the GLAAD awards moment has a compilation of all her work that leads up to a clip of the new video and song...whether the single will be out or not, it’ll still be exciting to introduce her that way and show how groundbreaking she is (sort of like the billboard awards MDNA tour clip) ...

it will focus on her AIDS charity work, not promoting a new single

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1 hour ago, windsor67 said:

M15 coming soon

Considering IB you’re right. In my book the next one is number 15 anyway. We as a Madonna community should stop neglecting one of her best albums ever. Make it count! 

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2 hours ago, Anton said:

The Portuguese site writes that Madonna will move out of her house in March and will live in a hotel until September, and then go to the USA. album in the autumn ??!https://sol.sapo.pt/artigo/646882/madonna-esta-de-saida-de-portugal


Autumn? Seriously?

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Maybe her release keeps changing because of her children.  It’s hard raising young children and  she did move to Portugal for young Banda to pursue his soccer dreams.  She can’t just leave him there and travel/ do promo for her new music.  🤦🏻‍♂️

Grasping at straws here i know she has a team but still.  

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