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  1. I’ve not heard a single snippet, all the highly positive comments on here has me buzzing, can’t fucking wait till Friday
  2. I’d not heard of him before but then he’s not my genre of music, as long as she does a lil bit of promo in the UK I’d be ok with that.
  3. Yeah I recon the next 2 weeks she will promote crave, I hope so anyway, excellent song, I lv the video and she looks the best ever especially 80s little bits (hair&beauty mole). I’m hoping for chat shows and performances of crave, where/what country do we think she will do her first chat show/ performance ? and will it be within the next week?
  4. “The best is yet to come”, I’m so ready for madamex and can’t wait for the banger song
  5. Great timing, the last few days have been tough, can’t wait
  6. Yeah I couldn’t think of any others unless she did loose women, but either Jonathan or graham would be good really.
  7. I think maybe Jonathan would be my choice, past interviews with them both she seems more comfortable with Jonathan, are they the only two chat show hosts we have in the UK? Not much of a choice really
  8. Ahh she was lovely in that interview
  9. Yeah I recon she will be on around 22:30.
  10. 12 points from the UK go to the Czech Republic
  11. Today is the day , I can’t wait for tonight, uk time the Eurovision starts at 8pm and finishes at nearly 12pm, if she’s on after all 26 countries have sung then I recon she will be on 10:30pm give or take 20minutes. Tel aviv is 2 hours ahead of the uk.
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