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  1. It was great to see these MP’s rebelling against this vile hateful Jeremy Corbin led Labour Party today, they almost made me feel like supporting the left again
  2. Please Jupiter or Zeus don’t let Madonna become a world music act
  3. And I find it disturbing that bloody gaga and the dislike we feel for her gets way more comments than the artist we love
  4. You know what, I am really scared she might do a Joanne on us, Fado is not inspiring if you are going to do successful pop music even less dance, I am still hoping to be surprised but my hopes are being lowered every day. My favourite Madonna is a groundbreaking dance artist not some national geographic native culture reporter lol
  5. She could go dressed as gaga since the theme is camp lol
  6. Me too going through a serious Madonna nostalgia at the moment
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