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Birmingham UK December 16

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Thanks Vande!

Most of my pics were rubbish but here are a few decent ones!


I love this next pic! I didn't realise I'd actually got it until I got home!


another pic I love. Shame about the blokes head on the side!



This is the one with her personal bodyguard in shot


I think I caught her eye here!


This is another one of those images that will stick in my mind


another shot I didn't realise I'd got! Oh dear!


bit shit but I liked the composition of the dancers


I'm still on a high and, even though yesterday marked my 31st year as an M fan, I got a new found respect for her. All of a sudden, all those other songs that I didn't really click with originally like Spanish Lesson, Candy Shop and GGW fell into place!

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Guest whatatramp

Jamie & Madonna (filmed from the screens).

When it got to the banana part Chelle started shouting 'Daily Mail!!!' :lmao:

Here's one of my videos from last night

anyway......barney and trueblue...... :1251::ohno::ohmy:

I stayed with them last night, TB's flight back to Norway left about three and a half hours ago, she didn't have a UK plug adapter so her phone's been dead.

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anyway......barney and trueblue...... :1251::ohno::ohmy:

Yes, where are they?

Aw :inlove:

We had an incredible night at the show!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drama: Absolutely fucking fantastic!!!!

I'm back in Norway now, there's just been so much and my phone went dead the day before M :lol:

We saw Chelle down by main stage with her veil and met her briefly after, I gave her a couple of sweaty hugs :) Whatatramp too, he stayed with us and saved my late night ordering pizza. Thats not possible at home, never heard of night delivery before lol.

Barney had to go see his mum in hospital, he is not home. His friend who was joining us had her car break down and didnt make it to the show, we ended up with an unused great extra ticket. I swear you couldn't make these last days up!! I went mental when the medley started :ohmy: and the show/crowd /M/ simply couldn't have been better. The surprises throughout on Barneys face who managed to keep pretty spoiler free were priceless :)


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Long time lurker, first time poster. Wednesday night was incredible, this tour is the first time Circumstances have meant I was able to buy me and my sister tickets, and it was so worth the wait after all these years. She was truly amazing, I love her even more after seeing the show.

Only downside was the completely dead section we were in! We were in block 8 lower, literally everyone else in the arena was on their feet at least and dancing along except our section, so many dusty old bores! As soon as she said she was gonna "say a prayer" with us I knew it was LAP and me and my sister stood up straight away much to the annoyance of the lifeless bore's behind us. Everyone seemed to copy us after that and finally there was some atmosphere around us. Next time I will pay whatever it costs to get floor tickets.

Anyway, M seemed to be loving not the crowd, maybe the people on the floor were living for her and she was feeding off their energy. Her voice is outstanding and she was so warm and funny. Adore her. Long love the queen 😍

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YAY TB, glad you and Barney had a great time!!! :) :)

And Chelle, lovely pics as usual. You make a gorgeous bride! :D

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yes chelle is cute.....

.....but...let's talk about whatatramp hotness..... :horn::horn:

So much gorgeousness, that is a fact! ;)

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Love reading your posts, guys. This tour is being phenomenal, because we all are loving it so much, having so much fun and beautiful moments....

And you all look so beautiful and handsome!

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