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Birmingham UK December 16


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Just got back! The show was amazing and pretty much flawless. Everything ran perfectly!

Happy B-day! :tigger:

What a great way to spend your B-day, glad you're enjoyed the show.

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Yay! Awesome hair! I thought this is how she was going to originally wear it.

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Just woken up and head still buzzing.

Other stuff I remembered like she held the last note of La Vie as if to say yeah I can sing live.

Her singing was amazing. No crow vocals. No idea really when she was relying on backing track as so much going on. Hardly noticed the screens either.

Everyone cheered when the cape came off.

The vip book looked amazing. Really big and came in a red cloth bag.

Atmosphere was great.

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Thank god! My $2000 won't be a waste!!!!

You so rich in any language. €$¥£ San, it's gonna be incredible.

I want to discuss her hair. If you guys look back to the times when everybody is like 'fuck! Dying! So beautiful' she mostly has straight hair. My theory on the matter is that her face is so dynamic that it really softens and glamorises her look.

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Yeah she was there. Madonna gave her the guitar pick at her last show.

Yeah she was there. Madonna gave her the guitar pick at her last show.

I wonder if M knows that she used to collect her dinner plates. :dead:

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Guest Rachelle of London

I wonder if M knows that she used to collect her dinner plates. :dead:

Madonna knows her. Always picks her out in the crowd. She's been a fan since day one. I can't even imagine the amount of fun she's had in the 33 years

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Madonna knows her. Always picks her out in the crowd. She's been a fan since day one. I can't even imagine the amount of fun she's had in the 33 years

No need to imagine as it's catalogued on the internet. :rotfl:

Stalker article.


MADONNA fan Michelle Budd went to ALL the megastar's London concerts last week - but the Queen of Pop would have been chilled to the core if she knew the truth about the enthusiastic young woman in the audience.

For the Sunday People can reveal that innocent-looking Michelle is more than just a typical worshipper of the Material Girl.

Michelle's fascination with the superstar has turned into obsessive stalking which verges on madness.

But even more worrying is the fact that a raging anger against Madonna, 42, has bubbled to the surface.

Talking about how she got through to the superstar on the phone when she was staying at Claridge's hotel in London last week, Michelle 31, said: "I called pretending to be her assistant from America and it worked.

'I was angry when she put phone down'

"I got through to her room and my heart was pounding. I knew it was her when she picked up the phone.

"She said 'Hello', but when I said 'Hi, it's your No.1 fan' she just put the phone down."

Then she chillingly adds: "I was angry. I just want to talk to her. It wouldn't hurt her to spare me a few minutes, would it?" :lmao: :lmao:

Catering manager Michelle has given up jobs and boyfriends and spent more than pounds 40,000 following her heroine around the world.

In her unhinged mind, she believes a "special relationship" exists between herself and the star who she calls The Lady.

But the Sunday People can reveal that Michelle has penetrated Madonna's security ring and has built up an disturbingly detailed dossier that only the security services would normally acquire. She:

FOLLOWS the star night and day when she is in Britain.

LURKS outside her house until she thinks Madonna is asleep.

DASHES back to be there when the star wakes up.

HOARDS restaurant plates Madonna has just dined off.

COLLECTS her empty water bottles.

KNOWS the seat number she uses on Concorde flights.

MEMORISES her car registration numbers.

FANTASISES about having sex with Madonna while she is making love to her boyfriend.

Michelle, who likes wearing the same conical-bra corsets as her heroine, says with chilling certainty: "Madonna is like a drug and I can't live without her. I know everything about her life. I know her better than she knows herself.

"She is everything I want to be - beautiful, intelligent and creative.

"I even think of her when my boyfriend John makes love to me. I dream about experimenting with her in bed and what we would do. I dream of making love to her every night.

"I get worried for Madonna when I hear about crazy fans trying to hurt her. I'd never do that."

Michelle's extreme behaviour begins the moment Madonna arrives in Britain with movie producer husband Guy Ritchie and her children Lourdes, four, and eight-month-old Rocco.

Michelle says: "I don't think about eating or anything until I have seen her. I get to her house in Notting Hill and wait for her to come out. Only when I've seen her do I feel I can breathe.

"Madonna usually stays with her children until midday, then one of the two nannies takes over.

"That's when Madonna has time on her own. She normally leaves her house or hotel around 3pm.

"She spends the afternoon shopping in New Bond Street, King's Road or High Street Kensington. She loves shoes and her favourite designers are Gucci and Prada.

"I love following her around when she is shopping but I always make sure I get back to where she is staying before her so I see her getting out of her car." Bizarrely, Michelle talks about "going shopping with Madonna".

But in fact she is always 15 feet behind the star and her security guards. She says: "Once we were out shopping together and we started chatting.

"I told Madonna that I wasn't mad and that I just really liked and respected her. She didn't say anything back to me.

[Yeah because when I normally shop with people they totally blank me too. :rotfl::dead: ]

'I cannot sleep until I know she's in bed' :scared:

"But she didn't tell me to get lost so I think she really likes me being there."

Michelle takes that as a green light to continue her stalking.

She often stands outside restaurants where Madonna is dining.

She says: "I just love looking at her. Just seeing her gives me such a high, such a buzz.

"Madonna's favourite restaurants are The Ivy or The Bluebird. She always has fish for a starter and she likes prawns.

"Once after I had watched her having dinner at The Pharmacy restaurant last year, I ran in and begged for her plate. I was amazed the staff gave it to me and her knife and fork too.

"On Sundays I will follow Madonna and Guy when they go to church - Mount Carmel in Kensington Church Street.

"I just wait outside because I don't want to cause any problems - I'm just happy to know where they are."

Michelle only rests when she knows Madonna is asleep.

She says: "I like to see her come home at night. I cannot sleep until I know she has gone to bed. Then I'm back next morning.

"Sometimes I worry that she may have got up in the night and gone somewhere without me.

"I have slept rough outside her house for a week at a time." :scared:

Michelle, daughter of a sales executive mum and engineer dad in Dagenham, Essex, believes she is obsessed because her parents' marriage was rocky when she was a teenager and Madonna gave her a purpose in life.

As the obsession grew, it began to take over every other element of her life. Her pounds 80,000 memorabilia collection is unusual for any fan - more than 600 records, including limited editions and rarities, 50 books and pounds 3,000-worth of magazines.

But if a Madonna gig clashed with work she would simply quit her job. She says: "I have given up five jobs to be with Madonna."

And if boyfriends objected she ditched them, although her current lover John, a phone engineer, accepts her bizarre fixation.

'I could almost feel her body warmth'

Michelle also transformed herself to look more like the star.

She says: "I was 13 stone in my early 20s but I had to lose weight to look more like Madonna.

"I met one of her personal trainers and he told me what diet she was on."

Michelle claims one of the star's entourage passes on snippets of information about his boss.

She says: "I know he's not an intimate friend, but he is one step closer to Madonna than me."

Michelle knows the registration numbers of all four of Madonna and Guy's Mercedes cars. Another secret contact got her the star's seat numbers on transatlantic flights.

She says: "Madonna always used to fly Concorde to New York - seat 16 in first class.

"But now she uses a private jet which flies out of Luton or Northolt airports."

One of Michelle's most treasured memories is when one of Madonna's chauffeurs allowed her to sit in her black Mercedes P571.

She says: "It was fantastic. Madonna had just got out and I could almost feel her body warmth.

"He also let me have eight of her Evian water bottles. They had her lipstick on from where she'd been drinking. I treasure them."

Madonna will also be alarmed to hear she has unwittingly given her autograph SIX TIMES to this fixated individual - and was conned into writing on one: "To Michelle, all my love, Madonna."

Michelle says: "I just love Madonna and being near her. I don't think I'm a stalker."

After our scary revelations, Madonna may think differently.


STALKED: Megastar Madonna; TRAILED: Madonna and Guy; SPOOKY: Michelle dresses exactly like Madonna and sleeps rough up to a week at a time outside the star's mansion in Notting Hill, London

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