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  1. Bild reports the man is under arrest. And that it started around 1400.
  2. Feeling bit sick just saw reuters report of possible hostage taking. And that he is heavily armed.
  3. I wanted some at one point in the late 80's, but instead I just got some crazy curls How it has become something to be offended by if people of the "wrong" colour or culture likes and adopts traits from others is really beyond me. It's a natural human thing, and a good thing to like things/get inspired by each other.
  4. Lots of teasing, backcombing involved for people with straight hair, not so difficult for people with curly or frizzy hair. Looks like he has some braids though.
  5. I don't know what to say Or, idiots, how about focusing on real issues?
  6. I can't take any more savage torturous news. An image of a baby staring starving to death in Jemen from yesterday still burns my mind. The saudi/american war against the rebels has awful consequences with so many people cut off from food and medicines.
  7. It's the same Taliban group responsible for the school attack in Peshawar killing 144, mostly children.
  8. Atrocious. So many children! When will it stop
  9. Well what can I say, I applaud my own intuition! and thank you for checking. Let's hope he dosen't have any children.
  10. That website looks extremely dubious. And the article sounds insane and religiously/politically motivated.
  11. Oh good all our belgians accounted for ok. Great attitude, the world needs colours winks and smiles!
  12. Was going to delete it, you beat me to it. But yeah lets not fight. world peace that would be nice, might even save our poor planet.
  13. Sorry if I expressed myself poorly. Im glad hes ok too. I dont know if anyone has heard from Stijn, is he in Brussels?
  14. Must be a big chock for you both when he escaped so close. I just read that a bomb with nails and an IS flag is found in a house tonight in Brussels suburb.
  15. my sympathies to Belgium. I feel sick, a little flashback too.
  16. I have seen tweets with sympathy from people in Ankara to Brussels. Thats coming together instead of dividing with "points" . It's also different the nearer the place is to you geographically and the same type of society. But none of us control the big international media.
  17. I don't understand, why can't we keep talking about Rebel Heart until she has a new album?
  18. "Aw you're not crying are you? Bless you. " Guess that goes for all of us at some point!
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