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  1. My Medellín shirt finally arrived on Friday. Still waiting on the World Pride shirt. My friend was in NY last weekend and went to the pop up store. I asked him to pick me up the Madame X necklace, and he brought it to me this weekend. I really like it!
  2. She should perform “Love Makes the World Go Round!!!”
  3. Thanks so much for posting the links, everyone!!! Much appreciated.
  4. This was such a wonderful treat. She looked and sounded beautiful. Happy 2019 everyone!! Looking forward to an amazing year!!
  5. Maybe she had an “oh shit, nevermind!” moment of regret??
  6. the board has a raging case of blue balls right now, collectively speaking.
  7. 15 Years After Columbine, How “Never Again” Became “Oh, Well” Welcome to America, the land of blue jeans, rock and roll, and sporadic meaningless mass murder. On April 20, 1999, two teenagers walked into a suburban high school outside of Denver and shot 13 people to death. The massacre at Columbine was not the first mass shooting in America. It was not the first mass shooting at an American school. Indeed, Peter Jennings began the news that night, “The reaction of so many people today was ‘Oh no, not again.'” But Columbine was different. It became a national trauma in a way the others
  8. I know, it's stomach-turning. The majority of the government officials who receive money from the NRA are Republicans (shocker), because of course the Dems want gun control I'm at a loss as to what to do. The only thing I can think of that would have an impact would be for Americans to NOT vote for those who are receiving this money. It's up to the people to take a stand with their votes (and of course I don't think that will happen either because I'm cynical like that). I don't think we will ever have a breaking point. You would think that Sandy Hook would have been it with the massa
  9. Gun violence is so incredibly preventable, but as long as the NRA has the power (and the $$$$$$$$) it does, what needs to happen will never happen. For example, I live in Missouri and my state Senator accepted almost $12,000 from the NRA during the 2016 election cycle. And this man tweeted out a bullshit "thoughts and prayers" tweet and I almost threw my phone.
  10. Our country is fucking ridiculous. I have no idea why anyone who lives here is even remotely shocked that this is happening. We have a great habit of forgetting/denying our history and until we own our shit this crap is going to continue to occur.
  11. BREAKING: Senate confirms pile of campaign money as Secretary of Education.
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