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2016 Pulse Nightclub mass shooting

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Hopefully they set up a donation page for the families of the deceased and injured. If that fat bitch wearing a chewbacca mask can get 500k in money and gifts then yea.

I still can't believe that many innocent people were slaughtered. My god.

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This is the most tragic event since I can remember. i hope they rest in peace. They just went out to have fun, enjoy life and connect with each other, ugh its heart breaking.

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I did see on Facebook someone posted that 3 days ago Isis said Florida was on their hit list. But who knows?

I saw on the news the gunman drove 2 hours in a van, parked outside the nightclub and well, you know the rest. The man on the news also said they don't know if he was alone or not.

I don't agree that it's wrong to assume terrorism. I mean, look at Paris, the same thing, people shooting up innocent concert goers in the same fashion. The difference between terrorism and so called lone gunman killers comes from whether they are a part of an organisation. Of course there are copycat killers too, but there is a difference between terrorism and hate crimes, although they all stem from hate and cult like brainwash.

Actually as I type this Islamic state has confirmed it according to Sky news.

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Oh I'm out of words. About everything. The shooting itself, the gays being targeted, those news about LA...

Thank God our forum member is safe. MCHL, our heart is with you, babe

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Devastating! My heart goes out for the victims and their families and the whole of USA! I don't want to sound like a bad prophet but I think in time islam would eventually be forbidden in Europe and the west. Its more a political doctrine than a religion. Hope more is done to stop those attacks in the whole world.

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