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  1. It's been a minute, just wanted to say hey. Hope you're well!


    1. acko


      Bitch I'm holding out till SATURDAY. That's Right SATURDAY. My BF is forbidding me to listen 2 the album without him :D So I gotta wait, like extra...r u doing the Madame X is star of the theatre tour, hussy?

    2. Mattress


      So, listen to Madame X Friday and then feign surprise on SATURDAY like you've never heard it before. Just don't slip up and start singing along with lyrics you're not supposed to know. :horny:

      No, that ain't right. Stay strong. I'm holding out until Friday to listen and that's difficult enough. Still love the excitement that builds whenever a new M record is almost out.

      Not doing the tour this time (unless someone surprises me) but REGARDLESS OF MY PRESENCE she better do "Rescue Me" finally. And "Waiting". Are you going?

    3. acko


      I'm going 2 Paris, as it's my 40th b'day that weekend. :-) Can you believe I actually fantasized about seeing her in Paris, even before there was talk of a tour...cuz I wanted 2 do something big, I can't believe it! My dream came true.

      I feel so lucky about that, anyway, still holding out til Saturday. I'm very excited. I actually think (press)reviewers r holding back on their exitement.

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