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  1. Ya, 'vibes' are def. a major, potent and accurate (a LOT of the time) thing. Happened in 2016. Even on her 'best' days never truly felt Hilary had IT. Atp absolutely feels like T/Maga hellscape coming. Biden is *current President so of course HE will get more media laser focused scrutiny than Trump (or any other nominee). And Trump is really, truly also in BAD, deranged, demented, demonic shape now. But the media is FULL Hillary e-mail now but now it's 'Biden's age'. & yes it's absolutely working. Trump & his brain rot is waay worse than 2016. But he's more noisy & rants w/ 'vigor'. That's what the masses in the US are drawn to (vs. frailty, feeble, weakness) unfortunately. Biden pulsates those things. 'Issue' isn't the job Biden done or policies- it's specifically HIM and Harris. NY Post, X, etc...can hose out all the bullshit and deepfakes but in *real time everyone is still seeing & hearing a walking dear/headlight bumbling, corpse. Biden has aged from 90 (when he was 78) in 2020 to 105 now. Dude is in rough shape. Ya, it's at 'that' point now of voting for a cactus covered in poop laying in the ICU over Trump. Whitmer and some other Governors would effortlessly crush Trump. Dems are INSANE, in denial & deserve the war zone shit post election they'll get if they don't do something asap. Of course they won't. This is HRC 2016 and RBG not retiring. Forget Maga but almost day ONE Dems pleaded they don't want 4 more years of Biden.
  2. ^Ya meant to add something about DeNiro. Omg CRINGE lol. Ended up a total flimsy, terrible (desperate) optics, messy ah dud. But it's more on Biden and his campaigns (+ the Dem party) inability to show up strong combating Maga. They have ED at best doing it lol. Obv. DeNiro is an absolute living legend but this was useless, non impactful & already forgotten. WHO's mind will 'that' change? MUCH rather have Liz Cheney (and the like) esp very senior people from Trumps own cabinet be 'out there' taking shit about him. All about those old school McCain and Bush sane Republicans on the fence who would listen to a Liz Cheney etc...& possibly consider grinding their teeth this ONE time and voting for Biden ( but entirely *against Trump) This entire election is 2016 x 100. Gotta be in full denial or a coma if one doesn't think the thug Maga machine (Fox, ELON, etc..) is NOT gonna pull a full Comey letter dirty tricks to f things up (on Biden) those last few crucial weeks even if they have to drop deep fakes, AI etc etc... Dirtiest, filthiest election ever...like anywhere in the world next 5 months.
  3. Ya, what T did was illegal & he should be found guilty (but most of us knew this EIGHT years ago) but *optics (timing) for this trial are a disaster! Everyone I know who loathes Trump/Maga & will never vote him but feel the same way. Which 'base' is this shit gonna fire up?! Biden's? Uhh..no lol Maga is gonna come out mob style w/ tiki torches and gallows now in November! Having this trial out of them all barely FIVE months before an election ffs? WHY not *any time in 2021-23? Biden and his AG are dreadful. But I give all the black DAs and AGs major props (& Jack Smith too) for at least having balls and being (or attempting to be) pro active & getting shit DONE w/ this city cockroach thug lol but BIDENs Federal Govt INACTION has been an absolute raging voter suppression machine. That and Biden simply being a sustained dreadful orator, disconnected/dear headlights, bumbling, wobbly zombie demeanor, feckless bag of bones! Basically day one his own voting base *pleaded w/ him NOT.to.run. again. You fng listen! lol for the sake of the world and highly likely win the election w/ that other candidate. Horrifying and sickening but this is vibing af like a likely (maybe decisive) Trump win!
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