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  1. We love your username, AND your pic. :wow:

    1. bumholegeorge


      Thank you matey .. Appreciate the sentiments, for sure.... 😀👍

  2. 1. Extreme Occident 2. Medellin 3. Killers who are partying 4. God Control 5. Looking for Mercy 6. Crazy 7. Come Alive 8. I don't search I find 9. Faz gostoso 10. Batuka 11. Crave 12. Ciao Bella 13. Bitch Im loca 14. Dark ballet 15. Back that up to the beat 16. Funana 17. Future 18. I Rise
  3. You got it .. Enigma Sadness sample ..Works so well with EO.. Love that mash up you posted .... Thanks
  4. I really like this too... It still keeps the subtlety, but the little production additions just take it somewhere new. One of my fav songs from this album. Played the original to death, so always cool to have an alternative version to transition to....
  5. Wow..!!!!!!!Just stunning .. !!!!!!!!! I need to see it again... Now ... !!!!!!!
  6. You could be right re the leaks not having a huge impact on sales. However, the 18-20 million illegal downloads of Rebel Heart which put M in the top 5 most illegally downloaded albums of 2015, does prove that the GP still has an interest in hearing what she does, even if they're not paying for the luxury of doing so ...:0)
  7. Spot on...... Its by a guy called Mario Spinetti on YouTube. He does short version covers of all kinds of artists.. His voice might be an acquired taste, but it`s definitely distinctive..
  8. Yup... Im getting out of here too... Whilst I don't echo comprehensively all of what Across the sky has stated.. There is an insidious element here that I was warned about before registering, that is distinctly obtrusive and counter productive to the justified musings of other members... Having primarily sat back sat and watched how things ran here for the first few weeks, it becomes very clear, very quickly that there is a collective here who want things their way, all the time..... Expressing any perspective that doesn't sit with the paradigm that this collective thrive within, appears to g
  9. hahahahahaha.... now that is a problem ya need to overcome..........
  10. hahaha.. I take ya point kim....... Repetition is reductive..........
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