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  1. It's so easy to get caught up in all of these "polls" that at the end of the day don't mean anything......just ask Hillary, every poll back in '16 had her winning. Tuesday night really put things into perspective. MAGA is LOUD and they are absolutely passionate (after all, it IS essentially a cult at this point) but they aren't the majority. You'll be hard pressed to find Dems as passionate about Biden (or any Dem politician) as MAGA is about Trump but that's actually not a bad thing. Dems and "swing" voters ARE passionate about the issues and as we've seen in the '18 midterms, '20 general election, '21 runoff election, '22 midterms and now in this off year of '23 elections, the majority of Americans aren't here for the extreme MAGA bullshit authoritarian agenda. Let's just hope that clarity is still here a year from now. For so many years Republicans have wanted to overturn Roe and they got their wish. I don't think they foresaw the full consequences of that. It's been nearly a year and a half and people are STILL as pissed off as they were the day they found out. It's also worth noting that the governor's race in MISSISSIPPI was even competitive....that's unheard of. I think the incumbent Republican "only" won by about 6 points. MS is a DEEP RED state so the fact that a discussion of a Dem even coming close to winning that state speaks volumes.
  2. I agree that you can't trust polls, especially this far out but it's still alarming to see someone in the position Trump is in currently to be in the lead. In 2016 it could be argued we didn't know (although WE KNEW) what we were getting into with Trump, in 2024 WE KNOW so if that's the collective choice we make AGAIN then we damn well deserve every bad thing that results from that. Ever since 2016, every election is so fucking dramatic (and traumatic in some cases) but hey....if Trump wins, at least we won't have to worry about 2028 election drama.
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