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  1. I just love that even Republicans are like, "Donald, just shh. You're embarrassing yourself."
  2. I think so too. He doesn’t even need PA to win at this point. Come on, Joe and Kamala!
  3. If Trump wins, I will finally lose my faith in democracy, America, and humanity.
  4. It seemed like we got quite a bit this era. Three album covers + booklets, multiple colored vinyls, different cassette (!!!!) pressings, a box set that included a 7" single, and a RSD exclusive 12" of I Rise. I was in heaven as far as different versions of the albums!
  5. Great countdown! Thank you, @Curtains! I enjoyed voting and reading the results.
  6. BRAVO. I agree wholeheartedly. The album sounds even better and more relevant a year later!
  7. 15 flawless songs. The album flow is impeccable.
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