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  1. Perfectly stated. It's sad that this is what it's come to but it is what it is. I agree we need new blood and more progressive policies but when we're less than a year from an election where one of the candidates is literally saying he will be a dictator "only on day one....and two" ....oh and he already tried to overthrow an election previously.....then it's really time to put things into perspective and for lack of a better phrase, fall in line. It's getting really old electing the "less of two evils" vs. a really GREAT candidate but that's where we are now. Besides, in this current climate NOBODY would agree on what a "great candidate" is. The "right" considers Biden's policies to be "extreme" while the "left" doesn't consider him at all progressive enough. Does a great candidate really exist? Has a great candidate EVER existed? In a country of 350 million people and a world with billions of people a huge chunk of people will always be fucked in some way. It's depressing to think about really.
  2. It's good that an impeachment with no evidence won't pass the Senate?? They're proceeding with an inquiry and hoping they'll find what they need later. That's not good. Tbh this is the shit that scares me. You have half of the country that legitimately wants a dictatorship and the other half that's so frustrated with everything they just want to burn the whole damn house down no matter the cost. Bye bye Democracy. It was fun huh?
  3. I think it's bullshit too. I don't agree with that decision and declaring ceasefire is the right thing to do. However, I think it's more complex than just he's a psychopath. I may not agree with his decision but I truly don't think he's a bad person at his core. There are so many other factors at play.
  4. Nobody is ever satisfied with any president. By the end people were calling Obama a war mongering terrorist, Bush was a terrorist, Clinton was.....Clinton...lol, Bush number 1 was a war monger etc etc etc.....maybe if we go back to Kennedy can we get to someone where most people collectively "like" him but we saw what it took for that to happen. The point is, it's a dirty job where you have to make decisions none of us will ever understand and no matter what there will always be people that are on the short end of the stick. This isn't necessarily commentary on the present situation just a generalization. I just notice this same conversation happens with every single president and most other world leaders as well. Everyone is all about them til they hate them.
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