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  1. Is the Hey Amen clip she is singing part of a new song, or just random singing? It has the call and response feeling of what she did with the Cape Verde singers. She also posted on her Instagram story, we are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn, which fits in with the Magic witch theme. That was tagged with #heyamen. Very appropriate for me since I'm apparently the witch of the forum who some people want to burn at the stake!
  2. Maybe she should release a single called #nohats!
  3. Has Adele ever done a big dance song? Doesn't seem like her style.
  4. That would never work, Madonna has one of the most unique distinctive voices in music. Everyone not just us fans would immediately recognize it.
  5. When Cher had a hit with Believe, there wasn't streaming. I wonder how Believe would have charted today in the age of streaming. Have there been any older artists who have had huge chart hits since the inclusion of streaming in the charts?
  6. She should just release it when she is finished with it and is happy with it. She shouldn't rush it out to meet some anniversary or her birthday, but on the other hand she shouldn't hold on to it if it's finished waiting for some special date or time to capitalize on. I think some fans get all worked up about anniversaries but a lot of people in the general public don't really notice them. Just make the best album she can and release it when it's ready without all the calculation of some special right date.
  7. She actually has done a lot of older hits, although not always in the same tour and not always in the original version. But most of the time it tends towards the 80's material, and forgets the later ones. I know people are obsessed with 80's culture and fashion, but I would love to hear more stuff from the 90's since we never had a Bedtime Stories or Ray of Light tour.
  8. I guess it depends on how you define a Greatest Hits tour. I don't see RIT as a Greatest Hits tour. Touring with a mix of new and older material is not a Greatest Hits tour. To me a Greatest Tour is one promoted as such with primarily Hits with just one or two new songs. But if she wants a new album to be successful, you have to perform the new songs. To say the way to make people buy a new album is by not performing most of it and just do older songs, is counter intuititive to me. People love hearing Hits and that would make people have a positive view of her and make her a lot of money but I don't see it causing any new albums to be more successful.
  9. Don't think it works that way. Once you do a Greatest Hits tour, people will expect you to do one every time you tour, which is why she is probably reluctant to do one. Lots of artists do Greatest Hits tours, it usually doesn't lead to greater success for their new albums. The money they make goes to them personally which is great if you need it, but it doesn't convince labels to do more promotion. If anything it's the opposite it gets you off the track of being a contemporary artist releasing new music and pigeonholes you as just a Hits artist. Labels will say well, people only want to hear older stuff so why should we invest in your new album?
  10. On one of the videos she wrote All's Well that Ends Well. That's the second time she wrote that. Could it possibly be a song title? It sounds so amazing. Definitely a new chapter in her career.
  11. I'm not clear what the wedding g dress look is for. It doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the MDNA Skin campaign, but it seems too early for a video or other album visuals. Maybe it's for a third thing. Perhaps a portfolio shoot for a magazine?
  12. You talk about the momentum of the Met Gala, but it wasn't as though it was nationally televised and everyone saw it. In fact, people were complaining here it didn't get enough coverage. It was a nice treat for us fans, but I honestly don't see that it created that much hype that you could really build on. I know we all want information and tidbits, but she did that with Rebel Heart and it didn't really work. I personally want her to put out music and a look she is fully happy with and not be rushed because of some supposed need to cash in on the Met Gala performance.
  13. Those lyrics do not sound remotely like anything Madonna would ever write. The post reads like it was written by someone who has never listened to a Madonna record in their life. The lyrics there are too specific. Madonna's lyrics are much more general, universal and could apply to many different people and situations. Although she has talked about political issues in interviews and concert speeches, typically her lyrics aren't political in that way, but only in a general humanistic sense, not judging others, being true to yourself, expressing yourself etc. Even American Life the lyrics aren't reallly political in the conventional sense, but more about questioning materialism and religion.
  14. I love her Instagram the way it is. I love that she is real and shows her personality. I love spectacle too but a lot of people use that against her to say she can't sing or her music isn't good enough, and she has to rely on that. I think the scaled back feeling of the RHT got her a lot of respect among casual fans and it would be good to continue in that direction to get people to focus on the music and her personal charisma.
  15. Another thing that would be cool if she did a track by track commentary of each song on the album. I've listened to these that some artists have done on Spotify and they are really interesting and give you insight into the music. It allows you to go into detail that a lot of press interviews don't.
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