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  1. So the Dunblane thing; There was an inquiry into the massacre (The Cullen Inquiry) during which evidence of Thomas Hamiton's previous interactions with the police was presented but the information was sealed, under a closure order to prevent publication for 100 years. So nobody knows just how much the police already knew about him before he went & murdered a bunch of innocent kids. I believe since the initial inquiry one of piece of information has been released about him being arrested for assault, obstructing police & contravention of the Children and Young Persons Act 1937. He was r
  2. His "good" connections & lawyers were/are just as sick as he was. These kinds of "people" tend to stick together, that's why you can't even find out where Sidney Cooke is. It's also probably why the records about the Dunblane massacre were sealed for 100 years & why nobody really talks about Vishal Mehrotra or Martin Allen much. Did the other well know celebrity like a vest to the Elm Guest House by any chance? The fact that Andrew is getting a fair bit of press tells me there must be something bigger that we are being distracted from. I know Meghan is not like Diana a
  3. The boy was escaping from Buckingham Palace but it was for a TV show. Yes, Jimmy Savile was knighted & he was only outed for what he really was after his death. My guess is he knew enough about other people to be protected by them.
  4. They are treating her in a similar way to how they treated Princes Diana a lot of the time & honestly, I think other members of the royal family are happy to let that happen because it is a very effective distraction from all of the vile things some of them get up to. There was a guy over here who did a couple of interviews a few years back about abuse he had suffered as a child, he did one interview with The Express newspaper where his name & face was shown (https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/453381/Female-MP-abused-boy-in-care) & then later did another with BBC Panorama (wher
  5. It's pretty much the same in the UK, they'll most likely report on Andrew for the next couple of days & then it'll be back to the Meghan bashing.
  6. I loved this mini-doc. Like everyone else, I wish it was longer. I’ve always enjoyed “behind the music” type things, where we get to hear about what inspired the songs.
  7. His name is Nicolas Huchard I loved that part too. I hope she keeps it for the tour.
  8. By idiots. I've been reading the comments on there & every single negative one was written by a halfwit. Exactly. I'm sure Ian McKellan can handle a bit of banter. He seemed alright. My guess is that she agreed to do it last min because Graham Norton was doing the Q&A.
  9. It was on iTunes in the UK before it was on Youtube & on iTunes in some other countries before that. New Zealand got it first I think.
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