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MADONNA SoundScan Sales- 2007/2008


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Guest Eternal Flame

do you think coadf will benefit from xmas this year?

It depends if it's put on sale by a major chain like Best Buy or something if so it can see a great gain in sales, it's doubtful that if they'd put a two year old album that it would see a huge jump unless it's a ridiculously low price and is really promoted. It's possible though, for Black Friday maybe?

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do you think coadf will benefit from xmas this year?

its a shame a 5th single was nt released this year. it would have been nice to have had 1 more track from coadf or the TCT ....

Madonna's catalog typically sees a decent increase with the holidays - with some titles even doubling their sales - so I think it's a given that it will see some benefit.

I actually wouldn't have minded a 5th single even as a remixed single sent to clubs - even American Life had an almost never-ending supply of those.

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I most def. think within the next 2-3 yrs theres a decent chance of many re-certifications ESP. TIC going 11x plat. this one is still "selling" around 100k+ annually, so the shipments eeeeasily should be nearing (if not past) 11x platinum! Id really love to see COAD go 2x plat. It's just SO close and would be hot for Ms "latest" album to go multi plat.

I think with Madonna leaving WBR, we may not see any new certifications.

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It's possible there could be some witrh this last album and that era- if we're to believe M and Liz, they're gonna work their asses off to make sure the album and GH are big successes, which, hopefully, in turn, means WB will step up to the plate as well, in terms of promo. And more album certs- to go along with a new album, possible R&R HOF induction- is a good form of promo.

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I edited your post, as it's actually 102 weeks. :) It's now the longest-running title onthe chart- I must have blinked and missed that that Imogen (sp?) Heap album dropped off the chart- it had been in the top 5 for what seemed like forevah.

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W/E 11/4/07

(Excluding Evita and WTG- neither of which sell significantly, esp. the latter)

While not all the COADF-era titles are 2 years old, I lumped everything together, since the era is very ovah.

1. The Immaculate Collection: 1,567

2. Confessions on a Dance Floor: 526- 1,649,412 cume

3. The Confessions Tour: 366- 117,870 cume

4. GHV2: 175

5. Like a Virgin: 157

6. Ray of Light: 125

7. The Immaculate Collection (Video): 115

8. Madonna: 101

9. Something to Remember: 90

10. Like a Prayer: 83

11. Erotica: 75

12. True Blue: 71

13. I'm Going to Tell You a Secret: 67

14. Girlie Show: 58

15. Drowned World Tour: 56

16. Music: 48

17. American Life: 48

18. Jump: 48

19. Ciao, Italia: 47

20. Bedtime Stories: 46

21. The Video Collection: 38

22. You Can Dance: 28

23. I'm Breathless: 28

24. Remixed & Revisited: 25

25. Get Together: 25

26. Sorry: 23

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The big thing to watch for- will The Immaculate Collection break 100,000? If it doesn't it will be the first year it falls short. Where does it currently stand, you may wonder- 84,610 YTD (rounded off to nearest 5).

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