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MADONNA SoundScan Sales- 2007/2008


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Year-to-Date Through 11/4/07- 44 Weeks

(Pre-COADF, Excluding Who's That Girl)

Percentage difference compared to one year ago, though 44 weeks of the year (percentage trend rounded off, as are totals). We know overall industry sales are down; Madge is not immune. No real need to worry about a fortchoming 25-year career spanner affecting catalog sales- a lot of titles are pretty much in the toilet, anyhow. A handful may be eligible for recertification, but other than that...

The only album to increase from last year is Like a Virgin, which got a nice boost from that 200 Definitive Albums promo (of note is that not all albums that were part of that promo saw an increase).

1. The Immaculate Collection: 84,610 (-30%)

2. Like a Virgin: 14,850 (+8%)

3. GHV2: 10,150 (-55.5%)***

4. Ray of Light: 8,585 (-38%)

5. Madonna: 6,500 (-44%)

6. The Immaculate Collection (Video): 5,750 (-36%)

7. Something to Remember: 5,480 (-38.5%)

8. True Blue: 4,710 (-35.5%)

9. Music: 3,725 (-47.5%)

10. Like a Prayer: 3,375 (-42%)

11. Erotica: 3,275 (-29.5%)

12. Ciao Italia: 3,135 (-39.5%)

13. Girlie Show: 3,120 (-21%)

14. American Life: 2,555 (-52.5%)

15. Drowned World Tour: 2,500 (-51%)

16. The Video Collection: 2,305 (-51%)

17. Bedtime Stories: 2,195 (-26.5%)

18. You Can Dance: 1,740 (-50%)

19. Evita: 1,655 (-31.5%)

***I don't know what GHV2's digtial total was through this time last year, but I took an average of what it scanned in 2006- talking about a small total, anyhow, so doesn't really makea difference

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How come GHV2 is such a poor seller?

It is filled with hit songs (although not as many big hits as TIC), it should at least sell HALF of TIC sales not 1/10. :horn:

I am REALLY pleased of the COADF sales so far, no singles reached Top 40 airplay and yet the album is within reach for 2 x platinum. :)

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I just purchased the following for my friend, who just started to like Madonna because of me and she wanted to increase her collection. Hopefully, Holidayguy will get sales reports next week to see if my purchase caused an increase. :)

Like A Virgin

True Blue

Remixed & Revisted


Ray Of Light


Something To Remember

Who's That Girl

I'm Breathless

American Life

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I bought them through amazon.com "for" my friend, not from my friend. So yes, it will contribute.

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The big thing to watch for- will The Immaculate Collection break 100,000? If it doesn't it will be the first year it falls short. Where does it currently stand, you may wonder- 84,610 YTD (rounded off to nearest 5).

Thanks for the sales information Holidayguy!

Can anyone post the sales of TIC from 2001 till 2006 for every year? I used to have them myself, but I can't find them. Thanks :bow:

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^ so there's a STEADY decline of at least 50k per year. hmmm. not so good.

with no releases from M is 2007, it is expected to drop like that...

2001 - Music album, DWT and GHV2

2002 - Swept Away, Die Another Day and that play...

2003 - American Life, VMAs, books

2004 - RIT

2005 - Live 8, COADF

2006 - TCT

2007 - we can't count Hey You and Live Earth (it didn't do good at ratings)

so it's highly understandable that TIC catalog sales for this year will plunge... expect a rebound next year

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was at Target today and they had an endcap in the music dept with cds - 2 for $15, Immaculate Collection was one of them, don't know if that was part of their Black Friday-Saturday sale.

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  • 2 weeks later...

W/E 11/25/07

(Excluding Evita and WTG- neither of which sell significantly, esp. the latter)

I've included last year's Thanksgiving-week numbers in parentheses, to show how the difference. Keep in mind that The confessions Tour aired during Thanksgiving week last year (depite the low ratings, COADF gained 120% that week). Also, for newer titles, the year-to-year decline is going to be even bigger compared to catalog titles)

The Immaculate Collection actually is up a bit compared to the same week last year.

1. The Immaculate Collection: 2,775 (2,515)

2. Confessions on a Dance Floor: 561 (5,348)- 1.651 million cume

3. The Confessions Tour: 439

4. GHV2: 221 (548; this total from last yeare doesn't included digital sales, which would be small for this title anyhow)

5. Like a Virgin: 204 (382)

6. Ray of Light: 142 (421)

7. The Immaculate Collection (Video): 128 (200)

8. Madonna: 99 (323)

9. Girlie Show: 87 (77)

10. True Blue: 85 (185)

11. Something to Remember: 82 (235)

12. Ciao, Italia: 79 (115)

13. I'm Going to Tell You a Secret: 80 (1,155)

14. Erotica: 59 (149)

15. The Video Collection: 57 (89)

16. Like a Prayer: 55 (211)

17. Music: 51 (187)

18. Drowned World Tour: 49 (115)

19. Jump: 46 (1,146)

20. Bedtime Stories: 41 (121)

21. American Life: 34 (121)

22. You Can Dance: 29 (121)

23. Sorry: 28 (159)

24. Remixed & Revisited: 27 (144)

25. Get Together: 26 (217)

26. Hung Up: 25 (114)

I'm Breathless scanned 17 units, compared to 81 for the same week last year.

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Guest nothingfails0603

Evert artist is suffering the same collapse in sales, not just Madonna.

true, but a lot of artists at least had decent percentage gains for Black Friday, Madonna's catalog barring TIC, sold practically the same it does non-holiday

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TIC was at less than 1,600 a few weeks back, so it did register a gain. Did it register a HUMONGOUS percentage gain that some GH albums did that week? No- but, it did alright- out of the top 200 catalog (no. 200 did 3,700 or so), but still alright- still more than any of the other three "diva" GH albums.

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Guest nothingfails0603

I know, that's why I said "barring TIC". Everything else seemed unaffected by the biggest sales day of the year and sold the same as it did 2-3 weeks prior

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Don't forget that 900 record stores closed in January this year.

Most of those stores carried "deep catalog" titles.

We all know that Wal-Mart and Target only carry a few selections from each artist.

TIC is the only Madonna title that Target is selling right now.

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