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  1. The only people that say Madonna is a musical puppet are the ones that never worked with her. I swear i haven't heart 1 single producer saying how bad she is in a studio. Everyone says how underrated she is as a writer and producer...
  2. Madonna talking about challenging times in her life right now. Clearly talking about Rocco :'(
  3. wow! she was in the mood for Frozen. But people chose Ghosttown! I was surprised! xD
  4. I'm curious about what's coming after Who's That Girl...hum...
  5. God this medley is such a bore. It simply...drags and kills every crowd xD Even Mexico. Can't wait for the acoustic section!
  6. omg all this cheering! This is how it's done!
  7. every z-rated act records their shows. madonna is doing it since the virgin tour, of course this will be filmed.
  8. Best part of this performance! I love it.
  9. lol, there has been news about Madonna not being able to sell well since...every tour i guess. Remember MDNA? and it did over 300 million. If these rumors are true, i can't see her skipping south america. this tour might do around the same MDNA did with arena shows...which is great, IMO. This tour is not nearly as expensive as MDNA, i'm sure they are making more money this time too.
  10. Exactly...if Madonna did the same stadium shows as Katy did in south america plus all those dates until she reached 151 she'd surpass S&S XD
  11. That was right before the tour started back in September. Things change. S&S part 2 wasn't thought when the 1st part started as well. If they are thinking about a summer tour, this is the right time for these rumors to start.
  12. All these rumors about different european shows. about arenas in brazil. about singapore. am i the only one feeling we might have a 2nd european leg and algo a south american one? cause all signs are pointing to it now!
  13. She did it like a week ago in Sweden and it was perfect. Depends on the nights i guess
  14. I love it how she's doing this section in Italy: Who's That girl/Don't Tell Me during the last show. Secret/Ghosttown today. Maybe Like A Prayer/Frozen tomorrow
  15. Like Taylor Swift? LOL! Taylor can't even get 1 million in an arena show in europe. And Madonna's getting an average of 1.7 million. And let's not forget...she has toured Europe extensively. I mean: arenas in 2001/2004/2006 stadiums in 2008/2009 and 2012. Arenas again in 2015. When Taylor can tour this hard in a continent and STILL get 1.7 million average there, then we can talk
  16. Those last 20 seconds...the reason why Madonna in a guitar is useless 90% of the times xD
  17. Let's not talk about Ghosttown then :s Italy NEEDS this song in every show!
  18. She's only 57 years old. Cher is more than 10 years older and still doing it. Tina Turner also did it until really late. I can see Madonna doing the same. Her voice is still here, she's healthy, probably healthier than everyone else. I think we have a lot of Madonna in years to come
  19. There is no indication that we won't have one. All of her tours post 2001 were released, besides RIT.
  20. So here we are. The only place she's performing 3 back-to-back sold out shows in the same arena. I seriously hope she still remembers Italy is the country she is received the best. It will be by far the best audience for this tour so far and i can't wait for the videos Her European Tours are always so much more interesting to see. So many different countries, cultures, places, etc... Shame about her not really treating us Europeans the same way she did the american fans though. Ghosttown should be at ever Italian show...now that will make them go crazy!
  21. Just saw a video on facebook with her eyes covered in tears as she started singing like a prayer. Damn it's so hard to watch I need this speech in a higher quality...but i'm sure i'll cry too so...not sure if that's a good idea. Imagine what it was like for her to be jumping up and down on stage trying to look happy on a day like this. Fucking terrible i can imagine :s
  22. If rumors are true she's gonna have more than 40,000 people there! that's like 3 arena dates! I seriously hope she gives it her all, medley included, considering it's her only date there.
  23. It's impossible to have a comprehensive Madonna hits collection with only 2 CD's, IMO. I do think including songs like Everybody and Burning Up and excluding number #1 hits like True Blue and American Pie is weird. Also Give It 2 Me should be there. 4 Minutes should be the album version and those first few seconds of Dress You Up are missing. Still, i find it even more weird how some people say stuff like "forget Celebration. TIC is much better" when Celebration actually has more 80's hits than TIC, and most of them are album versions and not bad edits like Like A Virgin, Into The Groove, Live A Prayer, etc. (added all the 90's and 00's hits of course).
  24. I just think if she cuts that medley she should at least give us one more extra song...but it's just me. I'm getting used at her shows being longer xD To think that before she had tours that were around 1 hour and 40 minutes and now we're getting 2 hours and 10 minutes xD LOL
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