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  1. Me too! It reminds me of Sting's Brand New Day album.
  2. It's a little strange, the graphic on this particular shirt... It's actually a picture of a shrink-wrapped vinyl copy with all the creases and stuff--not an actual HQ print of the album art.
  3. I think God Control, Extreme Occident and Faz Gostoso will be the Top 3 (in respective order), even though I didn't vote that way.
  4. The previous Megarate was very nicely done, Curtains--I hope you continue in the same way. Thanks again, looking forward to the results!
  5. All done, Curtains! Thanks again for the effort, looking forward to the results!
  6. My current Top 5: Killers Crazy Crave Faz Extreme Occident
  7. For the first time since MUSIC, I will refrain from searching for the leaked album. I figured, eh, getting old, it's ok to wait. If only Target and Amazon UK would ship out their pre-orders! I will have to contend with Spotify until the physicals are in my hands, probably next week.
  8. Target pre-order is up. Blonde cover, no tracklist yet. https://www.target.com/p/madonna-madame-x--deluxe---target-exclusive-/-/A-54614464
  9. They did fix Erotica and Cherish after its initial release--my recent physical purchase confirms it--but Music, Dress You Up and Express Yourself remain as before... Also Hollywood, Miles Away, Revolver should've been replaced by Deeper and Deeper, Give it 2 Me and Power of Goodbye respectively. Would've also preferred chronological sequence but hard to complain when there are glorious, remastered versions of the original Into The Groove, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer and Cherish... the improved sound on these are worth the price of the album itself.
  10. True Blue Erotica Ray Of Light Rebel Heart Dlx MDNA - I like them both
  11. I've listened to Rebel Heart daily since the iTunes release--absolutely love it, definitely a Madonna classic (tour and album). So happy for this era... Like a Prayer Ray of Light Erotica Confessions Madonna Rebel Heart Bedtime Stories Music True Blue Like A Virgin American Life Hard Candy MDNA
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