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  1. I think it is a little more nuanced. Manchin is from West Virginia and the only way a red state like that would elect a Democrat is if they were kind of Republican too. He voted for the recent Supreme Court justice which at least keeps a liberal in that seat. If we had a true Republican in the Senate (in Manchin's place), nothing would get passed and yet another conservative would be on the court which is already a pathetic 6-3 in favor of the right wing. I feel like if liberals really want to win, they better start moving to red states and voting for the blue team. The blue states are doing the best they can with our current political structure.
  2. You say that as if we are a single, unified mind. We've been struggling with those topics ourselves of late. But I guarantee you blue America is quite progressive on human rights and women's rights. Unfortunately, the way power is distributed in this country, the red (rural and religious) parts are able to unbalance the system, stymie progress, and even win all branches of government from time to time.
  3. I can't speak for every American in this forum, but I do think there is a feeling that we're all in a burning car heading for a cliff and no one knows what to do. That is certainly how I feel. I felt confident that after 4 years of the terrible "experiment" that was Trump, that he would be swept out in a landslide. Not so. He actually gained votes - and a lot. I think we are all at a loss of how to save our country. Maybe we will separate into two separate countries? All I know is that this path cannot be sustained. It's not going to end well for America.
  4. xo. :brenspin: :kiss2: :inlove: 

    (miss you!)

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      Awww, I hope you are doing well, my friend.

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