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GHOSTTOWN VIDEO PREMIERE!!!! Classic masterpiece!

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hmm actually i read a user named riverwide praising rebel heart on pop justice a while ago, when I was reading other fans' opinions. I assume he's the same one? maybe he just wants attention by saying the opposite of what everyone is thinking.. I remember he liked the official song rebel heart and not the demo. but anyway who cares.

i can't believe she's even on ITV news! they always show new videos there or just madonna? ;)

He's actually had some good things to say about this era but he's still an asshole who lives in his mothers basement.

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Madonna's had story-driven clips that are classic (too many to list), and also ones that had no story at all, that are classic (think "Vogue"). None of the clips from the last few albums measure up to the clips often regarded as her best (whether by critics or fans).

That's YOUR opinion

There are MANY fans who think otherwise! :)

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Riverwide: Awful. It's so, so naff. "The world has ended, so I'll dress up like Jack Sparrow and have a tango." It's a Britney/Christina-level video at best.

Riverworst is still such a bitter tasteless mongster :lmao:

Always so over the top with the negativity, I just imagine someone that vomits all day long.

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Madonna Serves Post-Apocalyptic Realness in 'Ghosttown'

Get ready, because Madonna just released a video for the anthemic "Ghosttown" and it's stunning.

Set in the not-so-distant future, the post-apocalyptic clip finds (still glamorous!) Madonna emerging alone from a shelter into a bombed-out landscape.

But her luck changes when she meets a sexy renegade in the form of Empire's Terrence Howard.

Only the Queen of Pop could make a nuclear war survival story hot


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She is an absolute MASTER of aesthetics.

This video is a fabulous mixture of classic and modern Madonna. Anyone else pick on the scene where she's caressing herself against the television screen (Take A Bow anyone?)

Beautifully shot, just seriously stunning and she looks wondrous. She's truly morphing into that Dietrich vault of beauty untouchable. Her face is a sheer structure. This of course is nothing new but what is incredible is that it's only getting MORE obvious with age.

Terrance is an interesting choice of co-star. I liked their odd chemistry.

No need for comparisons ("this is her best video in a decade" hock) Madonna cannot be compared to Madonna. It stands alone.

How at 56 she is still taking the artwork of herself and morphing, crushing, rebuilding and refreshing it I'll never know. She's another level of consciousness that's for sure.

The Madonna Fortin tribute actually gave me chills. Madonna reflecting on mortality must be a tricky one.

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I love her teeth in this video! haven't I always said the grillz are awesome? HAVEN'T I?? Well I was right haha. She's gorgeous in every frame.

Okay I'm done looning for today. Gotta return this thread to those, unlike myself, who haven't lost their goddamn minds. I love my new Madonna video, that's all you need to know lol

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Entertainment Weekly

Madonna, Terrence Howard dance in post-apocalyptic 'Ghosttown' music video

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Rebel Heart

Posted April 8 2015 — 4:23 PM EDT

Madonna busted out new single “Ghosttown” from her new album Rebel Heart at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, accompanied on guitar by Taylor Swift. The music video also enlisted some star power, this time from the Empire family. Terrence Howard, aka Lucious Lyon, aka the lead of this season’s biggest TV show, is one of three survivors in the aptly titled post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Madonna is impeccably dressed in steampunk-type garb, wielding a gulf club as protection, whereas Howard adorns a torn-up tux and a freaking sniper rifle. And then they meet and realize the other isn’t all that bad. And then they lustily dance. And then a cute little kid and wolf pop out, and they happily walk off, with hope of finding a town not smoking and demolished.

Fun thought experiment: watch this pretending Madonna is Courtney Love’s Empire character and Howard as Lucious…set in the I Am Legend universe. You’re welcome (don’t tell Cookie where he is.)

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Technically stunning, and Madonna looks AMAZING - like 4 Minutes video stunning. :wow:

But I kinda agree with the post below.

I don't really like this video,
it does not make me love this song more..
look good but no depth...I hardly relate the song with this video..

Apparently .. there are more than 2 souls, there is no love between them. just two stranger.

but she look fabulous

The love connection between the two people in the ghosttown in the song just wasn't the same in the video. And then there is the kid? Will be three souls in a ghosttown.

I was thinking OK, he's gonna end up double crossing her for her food or something and the kid will end up being the other soul with her in the ghosttown. (referencing that interview where she said the song was about Rocco.) What a clever take - but that never happened. :(

:lmao::lmao: at the multiracial postapocaliptic family in the end, dog/wolf included

so I Am Legend

Yeah that was a bit much.

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