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  1. She wants an X rating. X for xtra fun.
  2. Your signature:inlove:

  3. It will rid the world of 2 fucking scumbags who don't deserve to live!
  4. CINCINNATI — A mother has been indicted on 27 felony counts, accused of giving her 11-year-old daughter to a Cincinnati drug dealer in exchange for heroin, authorities said Monday. The indictment alleges that April Corcoran, 30, of Pleasant Plain, Ohio, gave her daughter to her drug dealer, Shandell Willingham, 41, so he could have sex with her. Corcoran, who lives in this town of 150 people about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati, also is accused of injecting her daughter with heroin. Corcoran could face the possibility of life in prison if convicted of all charges, which include human tra
  5. http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2016/03/grand-prairie-woman-beat-4-year-old-daughter-because-she-drank-brothers-juice-police-say.html/
  6. When I spoke to M last week she confided in me that she will take inspiration from "Contact". All costumes will be designed by Ellie Arroway herself and rehearsals will take place at the Very Large Array in New Mexico. More updates will be announced as they become available
  7. This just in....Madonna will embark on her "Universe is Full of Stars" tour beginning in February 2017. The following dates have been set... The set list will feature the following hits in rare, never before heard mixes.... Burning Up (Boiling Point Mix) Lucky Star (Solar Flare Remix) Impressive Instant (Universe Dub) Ray of Light (UV Ray Mix) The Look of Love (Stars in the Sky Mix) Sky Fits Heaven ( Crispy Mix) True Blue (Sun is Bursting Remix) Spanish Eyes (Burnt Suns Mix) The Tour will also include the following covers... Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder Heatwave by Mart
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