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  1. We celebrated Madonna's endorsement of Hillary today at HQ! I showed my bosses her Instagram post and they LOVED it. Slay queen!!
  2. Surely with my generation (millennials) there will be due to Snapchat and Instagram, etc. There's not filter among anyone my age these days. The standard will be much different once my generation is old enough to hold positions of power. There will have to be some new way of judging candidates or something because with my generation, you can find out literally everything a person has said or done online with the click of a button. Society will look very different in the future.
  3. ^^ That's EXACTLY how I feel about it. I could care less about Melania posing nude - more power to her, honestly! It's just the blatant hypocrisy and blatant racism and double standard applied to Michelle Obama that I find to be disgusting and abhorrent. Michelle is objectively truly a remarkable woman. She's superbly educated, well-spoken, kind, caring, and hard-working. Why so many people despise makes no sense to me other than the fact that it's because of the color of her skin. I have no issues with Melania being a model and posing nude but the fact that Republicans have no issue with it b
  4. Is anyone talking about how Gaga's "big DNC appearance in Philly" was ACTUALLY some shitty after-party in fucking Camden, NJ????
  5. When's Madonna gonna endorse? I need an Instagram post stat.
  6. https://twitter.com/PaulaAbdul/status/758871140286607360 I'm with her, bitches!
  7. Obama made me teary. We are all so lucky to have lived to witness his greatness as a leader and a speaker. I don't agree with everything's done in terms of policy, etc but, man, is he inspiring and uplifting. He will be greatly missed.
  8. I'm livid. Fuck this nonsense. This election is fucked up. Bye bitch.
  9. I'M PRAYING. Tim Kaine would be an unmitigated DISASTER for this campaign. Hillary still needs to court the progressives/Bernie supporters. Warren and Clinton are both in Florida right now while Tim Kaine is in Boston. It MUST be her.
  10. This man is such a fucking creep. He clearly wants to fuck his own daughter.
  11. If Clinton chooses Kaine, I will be EXTREMELY disappointed in her. Extremely. I was really hoping for Warren. Such a let down.
  12. This convention is so disgusting and tacky. Literally sick to my stomach watching this shit show. These fucktards should really be ashamed of themselves. They all make me embarrassed to be an American.
  13. Ugh, I can't watch that disgusting vomit-inducing hate fest. I'm sorry, if you associated with theR Republicans in any way, shape, or form at this point, you're an abomination. Shame on them. They're revolting.
  14. Still think he should've went with Joni Ernst. She would've been perfect for him. #MakeAmericaSquealAgain
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