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  1. Just read on some facebook group the new prediction that Jonas Brother will have a huge drop of more than 80% in US this week so no need to worry about them Bruce is also a lot weaker in sales, so it looks like we have that #1
  2. It works. Just download any VPN app and set it to USA. Then open Spotify and stream! I did it and it works
  3. I put this one and it accepted. Try it +14173658268 I am from Serbia and I have created it without any problem. It did not require verufication via telephone number
  4. Yes, you can put whatever number you want, it can be fake
  5. For people outside USA - If you wanna help Madame X get that #1 on BB: 1.Create US itunes account (You will need some US adress and you can easily give some fake adress - there are even sites that create one randomly, just google it) 2. Try to buy the album but if your card gets rejected (which is likely to happen because it is outside US) you will have to download APPLE STORE app and then buy USA itunes digital gift card. (Beware not to buy apple store gift card but app store/itunes gift card) It will ask you for email where the card should be sent. Fill the info and pay. Now You CAN pay it with your card (which is from Europe etc). In a few minites you will get your gift card with the amount of money you wanted. There will be a button to redeem the card and when you click it your money will go to your itunes account. Now you can buy the album from USA itunes which will count for BB charts. It is not that complicated and it is only 10$ so come on people. We can make Madame X no1!
  6. Come on people from tUS buy albums! A lot of people have bought only deuxe version. I am not even from US and live in a country where we dont have iTunes but I have created US iTunes account and I have bought Deluxe and Standard edition to help the charts! It’s only 10$. Come on people!
  7. USA Itunes - She is now #2 and #10. I guess that will count all together and hope it will be enough to get more than B. Springsteen
  8. She definitely did! My favorites are Killers, Mercy and I dont search I find, but Faz Gostoso and Extreme Occident and God Control are also perfect!
  9. It’s only a few days earlier. It wont affect sales. No worries
  10. I love it! Very catchy and could easily be a hit! It should have been lead single
  11. It’s one of the best songs on the album! Amazing and emotional! Beautiful!
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