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  2. europe, always copying the worse things... crap
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    You're the one who often imagine scenarios and come up with baseless assumptions and have your own little meltdown out of nowhere, and I'm not the first person to call you out on your debbie downer syndrome. Who's the one that is "losing it" and getting easily "triggered"? I can't stand Chris Brown or Justin Bieber either but I'm not psycho enough to think her next album will be inspired by them just based on her clicking a follow button. You probably thought her next single will feature P!nk since she wore a pink dress last week, didn't you?
  4. U2 have celebrated 30 years of The yoshua tree...I bet madonna is planning on doing the same with Bedtime stories!!!!! Finally!!!!! the Get Unconcious tour!!!! but a simple GH tour??? I don´t see it
  5. nicely said. she's a spoiled brat. they want all the bragging rights and awards without doing the work. same with goober. Taylor isn't known for being a performer. she's just bland on stage. she wants to break records but she's a shit performer.
  6. I went into my local supermarket yesterday where they were selling 3 cd's for £20 - Albums from Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and P!nk were selling like crazy, but hers didn't look like it had been touched at all. I even went into HMV and again - loads of copies on the shelves. Poor toilet shite. That's what you get for being cunty to Katy.
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  8. Meh, doesn't really matter, they are all from eras where song features and streaming album tracks gain you chart entries. Madonna, The Beatles, Elvis etc all earned their hits.
  9. I'm excited for this as well! I can't imagine her touring without a new album but next year might be the residency shows she was talking about. She wouldn't need a new album to promote those and it wouldn't have to be a greatest hits tour which is what an arena tour next year would be expected to be without new music.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    That's her kids...they r following people for her.
  11. More

    Great song , one of my fav too
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Lu wi always trying to rub in sausage legs into our faces it‘s comical really
  13. Well well just before her European tour starts, she starts showing she has health issues.. You know she would do anything to cancel the rest of her tour.
  14. My choices for the public would be: 1. Vogue 2. Like a Prayer 3. Frozen 4. Hung Up 5. Ghosttown Personal choices: 1. Skin 2. Paradise (Not For Me) 3. Love Profusion 4. Jump 5. Messiah
  15. Madonna has oxygen while touring....never needs to post about it like a wanker!......cos it's not important!
  16. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    She looked awful pregnant. No glow at all, just genuinely looked like Fiona from Shrek.
  17. It's just ridiculous. Lil Wayne, Drake and Taylor swift all have more top 40 hits than the Beatles or Madonna??? They've not even got five memorable songs between them!
  18. Truth is that the world goes so fast that EVERYONE is improvising. From politicians to CEOs to businesses like music or cinema... Even Madonna, who is a control freak, is improvising nowadays ways to showcase her music
  19. The European Commission stated yesterday that the EU opposes to this and that access to a free Internet is a citizen right.
  20. Those numbers I would be embarrassed to be pandered as a pop legend and come home with those embarrassing numbers. In Arianas case, she's clever and still playing the fresh card instead of burning steps. Those numbers are good for her.
  21. If Madonna starts riding around on a camel tomorrow, watch her follow suit like it’s matter of fact she’s been doing it for years! I’ve said it before, her copying of what Madonna does and says are coming so quick, it’s over lapping and people and time will think they just happen to have a lot in common. They don’t, she’s just fucking psycho!
  22. More

    I also love Secret Garden, Waiting, & Where Life begins. Honestly Madonna has a great voice for jazzy compositions.
  23. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She probably followed Rihanna not only because she’s a fan but also what Rihanna said recently about her Idol.
  24. More

    Nice song but for some reason I never listen to it.
  25. Do we know what Katy's tour has done so far? But yeah, she's right up there with the touring force that is Ariana Grande lol! The European leg starts off on mid January in Barcelona. How's ticket sales there?
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