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  2. Um...OMFG. 🔜?!?!?!?!
  3. Claims that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile are '120 per cent genuine', police chief claims The police chief investigating allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile believes the accounts are "120 per cent genuine". Wiltshire Police has been carrying out a large-scale investigation into claims made about the late former prime minister and has identified more than 30 alleged victims. A report, which is expected to be published in June, will allegedly detail how the claims are "totally convincing" and will vindicate Chief Constable Mike Veale's decision to persist with the £700,000 investigation. Operation Coniferwas launched in 2015 - ten years after Sir Edward's death - and has had a team of more than 20 police officers and staff looking into allegations dating back 50-years. But supporters of the late Tory leader have dismissed the investigation as a "witch-hunt", insisting that Sir Edward did not have the opportunity or inclination to abuse children. But according to The Mail on Sunday, a source has said there are a large number of allegations which are very similar and come from people who were not known to one another. The source said: "What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail. It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned." One of the former prime minister's former armed protection officers had previously dismissed the idea that Sir Edward could have abused youngsters because he was watched around the clock by police. The allegations were also said to be ludicrous because Sir Edward did not have a car and used a driver to get to wherever he went. But police have now obtained photographic evidence, suggesting that Sir Edward did have a car and did occasionally drive unaccompanied. Throughout the investigation, Mr Veale has defended the force's actions against critics who have said it is a "witch-hunt", adding: "I will not be buckling under pressure to not investigate or to conclude the investigation prematurely." Operation Conifer launched a television appeal asking for "victims" of Sir Edward to come forward. Previously, Peter Cracknell, a firearms specialist who spent 29 years with Wiltshire Police, has said Sir Edward would not have had the opportunity to abuse youngsters because security around him was so tight. Mr Cracknell, who worked at Sir Edward's home, Arundells, in Salisbury between 1985 and 1990, said the long-running police investigation into claims he was a paedophile who took part in satanic abuse was "ludicrous".
  4. I know, that's why I mentioned: (obviously she was terrible) as she has was always been and will always be, but even if she's completely ridiculous, she's not going away.
  5. She's got roots in that pic and has since touched them up so I'm afraid that's an old pic.
  6. She's in Los Angeles
  7. 20m of views on youtube ... in 3 days
  8. This woman trolling. I'm here waiting for the Rebel Heart Tour DVD and she posts parts of the Re-Invention Tour video she did back then. Kay...
  9. The first words Rosanna Arquette's character says in the movie is "Beautiful Stranger". I wonder if that's where Madonna got the name for the song?
  10. Trump is such a shit stain on our society. Compared to him I would rather have Bush back. Never thought I would utter those words.
  11. Trump wants to be seen as David to the mainstream media's Goliath. The more they pound on him, the more he will get the sympathy of his supporters. He's playing the media. If only they would just stop covering every little thing he does for a while and do some deep investigative journalism on the down low without all the speculations... THEN report it when there's actual proof (which we all can safely assume exists); this way he may loose some of his current power. The media feeds his power among his base constituents every time they cover him negatively, it feeds into his narrative of fighting the "big bad" media. They must cover him, of course. But they should dial it down a bit. The way they covered him throughout the campaign lost them a lot of credibility with the public and now he can apparently get away with this. It's a brave new world.
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  13. what about the stuff that she recorded prior to this (emmy, breakfast) were those ever released ? on any format
  14. Yes there are a lot of gems in that doc. Please remind us of the title.
  15. Re-Invention Tour Bluray
  16. I think the twins probably are just dressed the same beacause that's what they're used to & M is getting free stuff in pairs. I need to know... What time is soon?
  17. ^can someone explain? new commercial ?
  18. It was the comedy of the year but. Are you forgetting that hilarious fake jump she did off the roof and then that awkward frog walk thing she did when she was coming down from the roof onto the stage when she was on the wires? I almost spat my coffee out when I watched it 😂 ...and lastly, all this fucking Oscar talk needs to stop. She's not going to win an Oscar. This movie will flop harder than Shanghai Suprise. As I've said previously, NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE is going to be rushing out to the cinemas to see Lady fucking Gaga in a musical bar a small percentage of Little Monsters. It's not going to happen!
  19. Yes, there are a few clips in the trailer that did not make the final cut! Always fun to see.
  20. i feel bad for trump always making the wrong choices oh well
  21. Thing is they can"t sing it. Just picture them. There's no yelling, it's not linear, it's very rhythmic and saccaded not something they are used to sing.
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