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  2. So true. Far right views are becoming "normalized" so to speak. The amount of far right columnists in the newspapers and on "news" shows such as Fox news and now Sky news in Australia is shocking. There is also a new war on people thinking that basic human rights are wrong and for leftists. Am seeing so many far right politicians come to power in Australia now and it is terrifying. Even our revolting PM used the phrase " unfunded empathy" and so many in this government goes along with it. It is the same with people giving shock jocks and flat earthers coverage and saying they have freedom of speech. When people defend Nazis and holocaust deniers by saying they should have free speech, it is very frightening.
  3. The only solution is to stop validating them. In every country they have raised because media accepted their discourse as part of the "freedom of speech" and put it on the same level as others. Media is a very big part responsible of this.
  4. Behind a far right voter there's a selfish person with zero empathy. They can be young, old, women, men.... They want others to be screwed so they live a bit better and they feel they have the right to do so: because they're born in the country or they have a certain religion or whatever.
  5. Yes, populism has unfortunately moved from angry white men to a frank broad of the population. They are not so many, but unfortunately people are going less and less to vote leaving room for fans of these populist movements that are going to the polls. And this is the risk that all Western countries have to expect for the coming years: far-right parties will eventually come to power because of the defection of the electorate of the other parties and because of the splitting of the moderate vote among several parties.
  6. Sadly true. I am shocked after the amount of people I know who like Trump. People who I never dreamed would like such a racist, sexist, heartless, compulsive liar. Often very arrogant, horrible men seem to be admired for being obnoxious and heartless as leaders when they are openly racist. I also know that the exact same people who like Trump, would hate him if he was their boss, colleague or neighbour. They would find him unbearable as a person and deplore his actions and words. I just don't understand people at times. So many just follow what the Murdoch press print too that encourages the far right agenda. It does not benefit the working, poor and middle classes but somehow they just go along with it or totally accept it. See it happening in Australia at the moment. We are not learning from history.
  7. Last week
  8. At this point this is actually more of a myth though. I don't post too often in the political section, but it really should be pointed out that the problem of far-right populism has, as unfortunate as it is, become much much more complex than this. As an example, in Germany the far-right AfD became the second-strongest party in a couple of regional elections this year, but what really rocked the boat was when statistics came out showing who voted whom. Because, unlike what is often claimed, there were big amounts of supporters from pretty much any economic status, age and gender - women, people with high-income jobs, even parts of the migrant community. In addition, the far-right was the most popular party among young people below 30. It's a similar demographic with the Front National voters in France, and the Bolsonaro supporters last year IIRC. Can not speak for Spain or other countries outside of Europe that face this situation, but those results do indicate that populism is spreading far beyond its original target demography (which was the poor, middle-aged white male). As long as the rest of society and political parties don't recognize this, there will be no effective 'fighting' against this trend.
  9. I think the most frightening thing is the rise of far-right party in many country around the world, all of this because the poor middle-aged white male feels threatened. That's very scary.
  10. They're not coming into power. They only amount to 15% of the votes. It's like thinking that Germany will be nazi in the future because of the rise of AFD. You can plan further trips. Spain is still one of the most tolerant countries in the world.
  11. I know but If a far-right party comes into power in a country, believe me that it will not be anymore on my travel itinerary. It is a matter of principle and value. Well, I do not think it will be for tomorrow in your country, but the rise of the party in the 3rd rank excludes nothing for the future.
  12. GOOD NEWS!!!!! Socialists and Podemos (left) have finally reached a pact to form a coalition to conform a social and progressive government : They'll focus on social politics, better employment conditions, dialogue with Catalonia (I've always said that more money will shut them up because in the end is all they want, mark my words) and a firm block against the rise of extreme right. Finally a day to celebrate
  13. The future will be alright. There's one thing the politics and another one real life. And this shouldn't affect your travelling I mean, Spain hosts 70 million tourists each year...
  14. June 7, 2005, Bergdorf/Goodman’s NYC. I don’t hardly even remember talking to her. I do remember looking into her eyes and just trying not to freak out. Because if I did, I’d be tossed out! Lol. Check out Icon Mag #45 for my article. 


  15. Getting into the Groove. Got my outfit for Philly all ready. It’s got a “Ghosttown” kinda feel to it. I’m excited. Similar to what I wore to the DC RH (VIP) show. Not sure if I should wear the top hat in a theater. Prolly Not cool. 

  16. a last thing.this elections have been a disaster, but nobody is saying that pasoe has destroyed a political party that could be a rival (ciudadans), and has made the other left party smaller...in the long term I think is going to be better for them, once they get rid of Pedro sanchez.
  17. everything is a shit, because there could have been a leftish government, and now everything sounds impossible. That said, the far right has always been in the spanish politics, there has been a part of the PP that has always been far right, talking about how all the problems started with the abortion, saying that the only problem with GAL( a group close to the police/government that killed close to 30 people) was that they didn´t kill enough people (that´s what the founder of the PP said back in the day), the have closed newspapers (and years later have said that there weren´t proofs to justify that closure)...but now they don´t have anybody in their own party to stop them. the weirdest thing of all is that this political party has a few inmigrants in favour if them. I guess that, if you are a migrant, but with money, nobody has a problem with you
  18. It is an infinite sadness to see this constant rise of the far-right in a country that has experienced four decades of dictatorship having ended only 45 years ago. I did well to plan a trip to Spain next year because I'm afraid the future will be even darker for this beautiful country than it has been since the economic crisis of 2008.
  19. Horrifying Mess Retarded Shame Puke It's as if our country went from Madonna to Gaga in only ten years.
  20. so, headline is that they could have had a progresist government, and now everything is a mess, with the ultra right winged/fascists having more power
  21. PSOE 120 (3 less than before, assholes) PP 88 (a lot more than before VOX 52 (crazy amount of votes) Unidas Podemos 35 (this is so sad,they had a lot more before) Ciudadanos 10 (this is so funny! the only good news) Mas país (people that used to be in Unidas podemos.I like their leader, but I think this was a mistake, they should have gone together) 3 ----------- In the basque country, at least in the part that is officially basque country, everything is different, as usual: PNV 7 (right winged party, who fought against franco, and that morally are quite close to the PSOE. they want a referendum, but not now, only when economically is good for "us") PSOE 4 (spanish socialist party) BILDU 4 (left winged radical pro independence political party) UNIDAS PODEMOS 4 (spanish left winged party, they are pro rerefendum, but they want to stay in spain) so no, no, PP, no ciudadanos, no vox...but don´t count them out
  22. Horrible if the alt right has gains. Well, having in mind Catalunia, I am not shocked really. Hope the Socialists win though. Jari's blog is interesting.
  23. First polls are at 21.00 (Spanish time) but contrary to the rest of the world our polls are always wrong, as if people lied on porpose By 22.30 there'll be enough real results to know something. A friend of mine told me that where she voted LOTS were voting the far right extremists I hope it's just her place. Spain is much on turmoil and like so many countries it's as if we got stupid suddenly. Anything can happen. Btw, Jari has now a blog in Bulgarian about Spain. He just wrote about this elections and how we got to this situation. Maybe you find it interesting: https://jariestefanoff.com/любопитно/как-и-защо-испания-стана-неуправляема/
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