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  2. There are so many people running and I'm just at the point where I will support anyone that can hopefully beat trump. Biden is obviously the most qualified and may have wider appeal in those areas where Hillary lost.
  3. I am SO here for this!!! And June 7? Ahhhh, Prince and Madonna...both in June...It's gonna be a good month.
  4. and I still don´t udnerstand why Adore wansn´t released as a single from sign of the times! its audio video on youtube has moew views than most of his videos!
  5. and The sex of it!!!!! I want The sex of it!!!!
  6. no cd release again??? first the anthology and now this only on tidal? anyways, I hope the album includes also Lovethy will be done, the one that he gave to martika,Love bizarre and Glamorous life, Mutiny (the best song he gave to The family), Time waits for no one...
  7. New Prince album on the way! Originals is his original versions of songs he gave away like manic Monday! https://news.avclub.com/prince-estate-to-sell-album-full-of-songs-prince-gave-a-1834289532
  8. Yes, I must admit, I think expectations will be too high but fingers crossed!
  9. Yesterday
  10. after all these years the expectation level is crazy high
  11. I think around September or October. And Bjorn did say they'd written more songs than the two that will be released so you never know, more may follow next year!
  12. I remember Super Trouper being in the charts for ages.
  13. any idea on when the new music will be released?
  14. Last week
  15. And it's the 40th Anniversary of Voulez Vous so what better of celebrating than release more versions of the album and singles! This is my favourite album though!
  16. Poor girl. Terrorism like IRA or ETA must be in the past. We can't go this path again!!!!!
  17. instead of thoughts and prayers, why don't they fight back?
  18. Dana International will open the final, performing a mash-up of these two songs: Her role in the first semifinal hasn't been revealed yet.
  19. The attack is not over yet. There are bombs hidden in various place and yet to be discovered. The police has managed to find a few but not sure how many more lying around.
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