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  2. This again! I know it's already been quoted, but it can't be said enough! Tell your friends how important this election is (even more if you live in swing states).
  3. He should stand firm on his belief i.e. COVID-19 is just a hoax and will just disappear!
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  5. AMEN to that!! You said it perfectly.
  6. Preach, Kurt. As they say, you rarely get what you vote for but you almost always get what you fail to vote against.
  7. Can you imagine the number of people and time required to force this old POS to wear the mask to allow the visit?
  8. Oh....so I guess we're supposed to applaud him now for this?? He should've been doing this in March and no doubt, he's only doing it because he's being FORCED because he's inside of a hospital.
  9. I understand those still somewhat disappointed that Biden is the nominee as he wouldn't have been my first choice either. The Dem candidate pool was so massive this time and I too am a little blase' about the fact that Biden, the most "vanilla" one of all is what we ended up with. However, we're in dire straits at this point. Maybe we need a little "normalcy" at this point. Anyways, for those that for (god knows what reason) that are on the fence or considering voting for a third party, PLEASE keep in mind when you cast your vote you're not JUST voting for/against Biden. This is much bigger and more serious this time. Don't neglect the fact that you're pretty much voting for our entire future, not the next four years. If Trump/Republicans win, THEY WILL gain FULL and TOTAL control of the Supreme Court......THAT will impact us FAR beyond 2024. It's no exaggeration to say that the policies that they'd put in place, will absolutely haunt us for the rest of our lives. I think it's safe to say a good chunk of us are in our 30's/40's so just imagine what we have now until we're 65-70 yrs old at least. PLEASE consider all aspects of who you vote for this year. It's not a game this time. It's not a time to stamp our feet and vote defiantly because we don't have our "ideal" Dem candidate.
  10. I hope not to read Kanye's name again 'til 2021. Please don't let him gain any further ground. Who's got the time? Or, at this point, a robust enough constitution? Joe Biden wouldn't have been my first choice, but there's often some acquiescence in politics, I think, and he'll do.
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  12. Kanye is a crazy unhinged narcissist who is also a massive Trump supporter.
  13. The Manhattan DA can indict Trump for his financial crimes even if he is sitting President at the time, whether it be before or after the next Presidential election. Now Cy Vance (Manhattan DA) is the same guy that was DA in 2012 when Trump Jr and Ivanka were NOT indicted wrt fraudulent advertising when selling TrumpSoho condos. The Manhattan DA's office had what seemed to be an airtight case against both Trump kids at the time and Cy Vance overruled his team and dropped the investigation citing insufficient evidence of a crime (this happened within months of Trump's lawyer donating the maximum allowable amount to Vance's re-election campaign). Vance subsequently returned the donations (multiple were made before and after his re-election) but it makes me question whether he is really trustworthy when it comes to objectively prosecuting Trump. Maybe things have changed since 2012.......
  14. Where’s the problem if he has nothing to hide? Oh... yeah... I forgot...
  15. I cannot believe that after the 4 years of horror that we have just gone through that there may be people who still have the same stupid mentality as in 2016: β€˜β€™ I do not like the democratic candidate, so I would not vote or vote for any imbecile presenting himself against Biden’’.The moment is serious. There is an urgent need to get this narcissistic sociopath out of the White House before he finishes destroying democratic institutions. I hate people so much!
  16. I remember her talking about her "lesbian" friend who told her that she also agreed with her views as if that was supposed to make it okay like okay. your DYKE friend is a terf too. cool!
  17. Well clearly she doesn't give a fuck about any influence she has so fuck her. People have tried to politely educate her and she wants to continue acting like a psycho terf. Again, fuck her.
  18. I made this Madame X Club Megamix. I hope you all enjoy it πŸ™‚Β 

  19. I read her book but never bother about what she says or her life.
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