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  2. I sooooo agree with you. Love their work on IDGA and BIM. So, I'm excited to hear she might be featured on a song on Nicki's album!!! Boy, if the song is a single with video!!!!! OMG Would be great if M is also featured on Kanye West's album as well and any other artist she loves that is currently working on new material. Being featured on other artists songs/videos means more songs to listen to for us. :)
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  4. She seems like she is the cat that caught the canary. She is giving off vibes that she knows she has got something really great. Maybe I am reading more into it but that is how I am seeing it.
  5. Can somebody tell me when will i be able to start a thread ?
  6. On the surface maybe but it hurt her in other ways. She did nothing after the super bowl because she went straight into tour rehearsals. The album could have sold a lot more. The European shows I remember were not selling out as fast either. I won't get into UK/Australia but they are very fickle and if you don't promote in their countries they won't care about you. There's more stuff but like others have said his managing style has hurt her brand (I also blame Madonna as well)
  7. Do you mean... MILLIONS of copies sold (30 years into her career), an extremely successful tour, beautiful videos and the largest Super Bowl audience ever (to that point)? The era turned out great.
  8. I get what you all saying about Guy but you know... the queen have the power to flush what's she doesn't like. so maybe, just maybe she's satisfied with the way he manage her. He takes a lot of hits for decision that may not come from him directly...
  9. Guy Oseary sucks big time as a manager and everyone knows it. End of story!
  10. To be fair he was the one who mentioned MDNAs "untraditional" promo and we all know how that worked out.
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  12. I'm blaming Guy for stupidity. Isn't he the master mind who had a new Madonna video premiered on some unknown nothing app... and even that was a technical fuck up? Yeah, it's not 1985, but Madonna is a SUPERSTAR MEGA ARTIST and should be treated as the QUEEN she is. And my Domino's app idea is better than anything that dude has come up with that's for sure.
  13. A spiteful person that can't stand Madonna evolving musicaly/reinventing herself and with way too much time on his hands unfortunately.
  14. rumors said, if you succeed playing the rhythm of beautiful game with the dial touch of your phone you get v.i.p ticket right away #2k18
  15. Oh Lord.... here we go again.... blaming Guy Oseary for Madonna not getting 13 more number one songs on some fucked up chart 35 years in to a very successful and unrivaled career. Maybe Guy understands the business very well and helped make very good decisions. This is not 1985 1995 or even 2005. The industry has changed and M's brand evolved.
  16. Very 90s maxi single.
  17. What she just did at MET is everything i want for the next tour, pure art.
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