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  2. Because her name doesn't sell papers. It's irrelevant for them to hate on her because they know most people simply don't care about her in general.
  3. So in the very end.... Is right now Adele the only female "pop" artist selling????
  4. It's curious that Europeans prefer their version and Americans theirs. It's clear the record company did things right hahaha
  5. On the set of Swish Swish video I think:
  6. Today
  7. Exactly. And they need to finally fight as hard and dirty as the opponent. They need to go for the jugular. the time of "if they go low, we go high" is over. The Democrats should watch the documentary "Get me Roger Stone" in order to understand that playing PC and graciously will not lead them anywhere.
  8. Nobody cares!
  9. i guess The Plague has been axed from all those streaming playlists it was 'put' on - streaming numbers are in free-fall the last couple of days. i see Z100 still has it as their most played song though (along with Despacito) - i wonder how much that cost Gag's team and how long the contract runs? LOL
  10. You're forgiven, sweetie!! But my eyes and ears still bleed.
  11. They still don't get that a physical copy should be treated with care, as a deluxe version of the digital copy. An example: I bought the first two albums from Bruno Mars and there was NOTHING in the booklet. So this third one was directly streamed. Madonna tried a bit more with RH, but I miss the lyrics, the musicians, even some info about the songs... The most absurd thing ever is to buy a physical album and read the line "for credits go to" Hello????? Or to release a physical cd single with a horrible cover and only one lame remix. Hello???????? Marketing 101: offer attractive things so consumers feel they miss something if the don't buy. Ergo: package things properly and include exclusive content there.
  12. Daddy's little organization...
  13. gaga is the poster child of corporate America. They declared her the "New Madonna" and will not allow her to fail. When Madonna dared to speak out against her, propping gaga up became a crusade.
  14. Either people do not care at all anymore or she really gets a free pass, big time! I mean, she named an album joanne, after some random diseased aunt she knows shit about. She pretends to go country-ish for 5 seconds then backs out, she has a lukewarm (at best) NFL halftime show, payola hit singles... Why are newspapers not ripping her to shreds? Crazy world!
  15. Thanks for sharing this, I think it is super intrresting how their mentality is ore about minimizing possible damages and losses than maximizing expected profits. It does tell a lot about the status of the music industry and their priorities, which makes sense if, as already noted, music is but a marketing expense. Touring, merchandising, and making the artist a brand no matter what (i.e. pretending Taylor likes guys, Gaga is creative and cares for fans, atc.) is where the dough is, more likely. So I wonder if Katy's change of gears is affecting her already manufactured sugary/empowering persona? Also, who's behind it, her or the whole creative team? Let's see if a single or two make it as a top 10.
  16. Yup unless they do a 360 (*quality Pine Soil fresh clean youthful candidate and asap!) which they are still NOT doing, it'll the sequel to their botched, lazy, garbage 2016 'strategy'. US is a country where the typical citizen has next to no attention span, easily desensitized and dumb down yet stick with what they 'know' even if it's Trump. If there's no major market crash, recession and/or something that actually is 10x worse than the Access Hollywood tape. Yes, where they do show him pissing or visa versa while dropping the N word w/ underage Russian girls in the mix he'd prob lose PA and maybe one or 2 rust belt purple states...enough for the Dem to barely win :# lol He aint losing places like Indiana, Ohio and the like and esp its inbred sister and brother southern states.
  17. No. Just a bad sloppy performer. Lazy and fat.
  18. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Totally possible
  19. Forbes never placed her on this list. She is not even on top 5.
  20. A hit single won't do anything, anyway. It will make people say "oh she managed to have a hit again?" and that's it. It's not going to bring in new fans or sell tickets. She can do a Paula Abdul/ New Kids type tour 20 years from now if she can still walk. The end.
  21. The Democrats are basically bashing Trump and well, that's basically it. That's going to be their message next elections "we're not Trump" and everyone around here and everywhere else will be like OMGGGG WE LOST AGAIN AND IT'S EVERYONE'S FAULT BUT OURS
  22. One of my fave tracks from AFY!!!
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