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Gay people are being blamed for ‘wrath of God'.


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15 hours ago, Crux said:

But British people are to upper classy, posh and majestic to believe in a religion.


The virus is Kylie Minogue's fault. She created the virus and its her revenge against the world for homosexuality.

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Guest eroticerotic
19 minutes ago, IsaacHarris said:

For a global minority, we sure do cause a lot of chaos.


Our power >>>

kinda weird right? but maybe we do in the sense that bisexuality is universally human, but the manmade construct they buy into,  tells them otherwise. 

 when someone is "reacting" it is a projection. like homophobic preachers, and political figures. who end up having a secret gay life. 

we see it all too often with extremists of any kind, for that matter.

for an advanced species we know very little about ourselves when it comes to sex and sexuality, and I think that ties into alot of the rage regarding homophobia. also mysogyny.

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The Malaysian Muslim leader claimed that the virus is a punishment for people who consumes pork.

And yet Malaysia's biggest virus cluster are those who attended the muslim mass religious gathering and most of the patients are muslim.

Karma at its best.

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Karma at its BEST! :rolleyes: 

Israel Health Minister that said the coronavirus was ‘Divine punishment for homosexuality’ tests positive for Covid-19
By Tony Winterburn -8 April 2020 @ 08:54


Yaakov Litzman, health minister for Israel, who said all LGBT+ people are sinners has tested positive for Covid-19, his wife has also tested positive for the disease.

UPON the news of Litzman getting infected by coronavirus, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several of his top government officials, isolated themselves for 15 days. The head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency and the National Security Council were also asked to self-quarantine because of their interactions with Litzman.


Last month, Yaakov Litzman, while talking about the origin of coronavirus, said:

“It’s a divine punishment against homosexuality.” :rolleyes: 

The health minister is also a head Agudat Yisrael – an Orthodox Israeli political party.

Israel has gone into partial-lockdown to counter the coronavirus outbreak. The country has reported more than 8,430 confirmed cases and 49 people have died from Covid-19 to date.

Israel’s large, insular ultra-Orthodox community, of which Litzman is a member, has been particularly hit hard by infections. In the early phases of the outbreak, some radicals had pushed back and ignored the government-mandated movement restrictions.


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