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Madame X - MEGARATE (Starts the 21st of June)

Should the 2CD edition bonus tracks be included?  

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  1. 1. Should the 2CD edition bonus tracks be included?

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Hi everyone! I am here to announce that the Madame X Megarate will start on the 21st of June!


I've organised megarates multiple times across different forums, so why not doing one for the new Madonna album.

The reason it will start one week after the official release of the album is to make sure that people will have listened to all the songs multiple times. No deadline is fixed, it will depend on the amount of votes I receive.

Also question for you: should I include the 3 songs that are exclusive to the physical edition? Excluding them would maybe allow more people to participate in some way, but then we are not rating the whole thing soooo... Also people might still be able to fans the song. It's really up to you here.

For those of you who don't know how a Megarate works: every participants has to rate each songs from Madonna's Madame X from 1 to 10 (rules will be detailed once the game will start). With every score, average scores for each songs will be calculated and we'll have a definitive ranking of all of the songs from Madame X! :)

Hope a lot of you are interested and will be participating! :)

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Actually if the 2CD edition bonus tracks are included (which will likely be the case), I'll be including Soltera as well as it has been heavily requested. 🙂

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