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  1. I loved this interview so much. He seems to actually respect her intellect and believe that she has something to say, while also not getting overwhelmed by how intimidating her presence can be.
  2. This song already has 43k views on YouTube while everything else has 2-6k. I hope this is an international hit, even if a minor one.
  3. it’s everything i’ve ever wanted and so much more. the left turns on this album are unprecedented and i need time to digest it all, but i’m blown away by her artistry time and time again
  4. Maybe AV Club will be good as well since they just did that great little retrospective playlist for her.
  5. Unfortunately I don't think stereogum counts towards Metacritic, which is such a shame.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0005v84 It starts around the 30 minute mark.
  7. I'm holding out, but I keep hoping that maybe my CD shipments from the tour will arrive early. I also can't decide if I want to listen to the the Apple Music copy at midnight or if I want to wait till the next morning and listen to the CD in my car after I get it first thing in the mornin.g
  8. Fuck me. There is a reason why her work has been displayed in MoMA, and this video and song perfectly encapsulate why. This is Madonna the artist. The social provocateur. It is beyond pop, it’s complete art. Thank you Madonna for continuously challenging me, society, and yourself after nearly 40 years in this harsh industry.
  9. I finally got around to watching the performance and I...liked it...a lot? From what I’ve seen online more media articles are focusing on the Palestinian flag than anything and, honestly, I think that is what Madonna wanted. Choose peace and love over negativity and hate. ✌
  10. Saw on twitter that a few US radio stations are playing it! So happy that radio is FINALLY playing a new Madonna song. I think she’s done everything perfect this era.
  11. Haven't listened to the leak so I am counting down the hours until it's released tonight here in the US!!
  12. I'm not sure if this article belongs in this forum or in the general discussion forum, but I love seeing articles like this pop up. While there will always be a million articles and commentators hating on Madonna, there are just as many who appreciate her true genius and her revolutionary role in society. Her unconventional life is something I truly aspire to. https://www.image.ie/life/no-rules-youre-boy-many-hate-madonna-147605?preview=1
  13. Love this story! Both you and your mom are lucky to have each other in your lives Thanks for brightening up my night.
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