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Would you pay thousands to look like THIS...

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On 6/9/2022 at 4:12 PM, horn said:

'It's unbelievable when I look at myself in the mirror and see the woman that I've become.

My OnlyFans images are taken by photographers who have also shot for Playboy.'  


Oh Jessica has OnlyFans page! :wow: :rosey: :dramatic:



She'll be coining it!

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Queen Jessica so gorgeous! :dramatic:  

Pariah should learn from Jessica i.e. wear a more comfortable shoes/dress and not trying to squeeze size 10 feet/body into a size 6 shoes/dress! 

Maybe Jessica should recommend her stylist to Pariah.




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1 hour ago, cardiganstarlet said:

What is left for her to do? She’s done everything imaginable at this point.

She wanna do womb transplant so that she can have her own babies.

If she did it, it will be a good news for all trans women.

Sounds impossible but happened before.

A woman had received a womb transplant and gave birth to a baby but then again, she's a biological woman in the first place.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'I'd feel complete if I could give birth': Transgender Jessica Alves reveals plans to undergo a womb transplant as she puts on an eye-popping display in sizzling snaps

By LAURA FOX | PUBLISHED: 11:18 BST, 27 July 2021

Jessica Alves has revealed her plans to undergo a womb transplant so she can fall pregnant, even though the procedure has never been undertaken on a transgender woman.

The TV personality, 37, who underwent sex reassignment surgery in February, revealed she is hoping to have the groundbreaking surgery as she becomes more and more desperate to have a child.

It came as Jessica also offered a glimpse of eye-popping figure in a series of exclusive snaps after joining the racy subscription site OnlyFans.



Speaking to Closer magazine, Jessica said: 'Even it cost a million pounds to have one, I'd find a way to do it. I would love a baby that has my own genes and blood, and I have my frozen sperm so I could use that for IVF.

'All I wanted was to be a woman and having gender reassignment surgery was the happiest day of my life. But having a womb would be even better - I would feel complete if I could give birth.

'I would love to have a brood of children. I would make me so happy to be called ''mummy''.' 

Jessica said she hopes to become the first transgender woman to have a womb transplant, and is currently speaking to doctors about having the procedure.

Womb transplants, which cost £50,000 per operation, were developed to allow women to carry a baby if they were born without a womb or have had it removed through illness. Roughly 15,000 women in the UK could benefit.

It has been considered that the procedure could be trialled on those who were born biologically male using the organs of dead donors or women who have since transitioned to become men and had their wombs removed. 

In 2019 a clinic in Cleveland became the first to deliver a healthy baby that was carried to term in a womb transplanted from a dead donor.  

Prior to this, more than a dozen women had given birth after womb transplants, mainly from living donors.

In 2019 it was reported that experts were investigating whether a womb could be transplanted into a transgender woman who was born male.

Writing in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the scientists said it would be perfectly possible to put a womb into a male body so that they could carry a baby to full-term. And they say it may be ‘legally and ethically impermissible’ not to consider performing the procedure. 

Several transgender men – those who were born women and then switched – have already given birth in the UK.

But in those circumstances it was merely a case of retaining the female reproductive organs after they transitioned, rather than having to implant female organs into a male body.

Six months after the surgery and the womb has healed, a donated egg would be fertilised with the transgender woman’s own sperm and the embryo implanted. The baby would then be delivered by caesarean section. 


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5 hours ago, nightcutter said:

Jess would never!

She's proud of her body!

I know right gurl! 

It pains me when I first saw the pic 😭

Here's the Jessica butterfly look, Pariah Scarey can NEVER! :hurt: 


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I feel like a part of me has been taken away... default_sad2.gif

And I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness
And loneliness has never been a stranger to me

EXCLUSIVE: Life in plastic is (not) fantastic! Jessica Alves vows to STOP having surgery as she poses for Barbie inspired shoot... but only after she gets her 13th nose job


Jessica Alves has vowed to stop having plastic surgery after spending more than £900,000 on 91 procedures in the last two decades. 

The transgender influencer, 38, revealed in an exclusive chat with MailOnline that she isn't interested in chasing 'perfection' and feels far more confident now that she's living her life as a woman. 

While Jessica admitted she still has plans for a 13th nose job, as well as full body liposuction, she then wants to stop going under the knife for good. 


She explained: 'I'm far from perfection, neither do I want to be perfect, but there are a few things that I need to fix before the summer is over... then I will be done for life with plastic surgery.' 

Jess also revealed that she now felt the 'ultimate validation' as a woman after being picked as a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. 

The TV personality chanelled a Barbie doll for her latest shoot with the brand, and said of the spread 'I loved it! Barbie represents the perfection of a female form and it is fun and flattering to be compared to the doll.' 




As well as her various modelling gigs, Jessica has spent the past few months making the most of the return of the travel industry post-lockdown. 

She explained: 'My gender transition happened while we were at the pandemic in lockdown, so this is my first real summer as a woman. 

'I have been having a blast! I spent two months in Thailand, now I'm in Turkey and then I'm off to Bali.

'I am still looking for love and to live a fairytale romance which hopefully will happen one day.' 



It comes after Jessica and her new love interest Jamie Bugden split after enjoying a whirlwind romance in Thailand.

A source told MailOnline last month: 'Jessica was living a love story while in Phuket but that's over now. They are two very different people living very far apart with different mottos in life.

'Maybe they will meet again one day but are no longer in a relationship.'

The insider added: 'Jessica is single and very much on the hunt for Mr Right. She still believes in love, romance and being monogamous and is ready to invest her time, love and effort into a relationship'

Prior to their split, a source told MailOnline of Jessica's romance with Jamie: 'They have been getting on very well and are making the most of their trip. It is the first time she has ever posted a man on her social media.

'Jessica is heartbroken that it won't be a long term relationship as he is a British man based in Thailand and she splits her time between London and Brazil. They are having fun for now'.


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Jessica "still believes in love"!

C'mon girls! 

Jess has something to sing about it!

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12 hours ago, nightcutter said:

Jessica "still believes in love"!

C'mon girls! 

Jess has something to sing about it!

Britney should invite Jessica to join her on stage for Superbowl!

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On 7/7/2022 at 7:56 AM, horn said:

Britney should invite Jessica to join her on stage for Superbowl!

Would be brilliant!

Jessica would look fabulous dressed as a cheerleader, with the pom poms like the GMAYL video!

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