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  1. why would charles become a king....he's old will die soon...just get william a king.... why do i care anyway lolz
  2. hmm she looks like character in some game...but it's not even a good rendered 3d game. everything just blurred. at least she still has daddy's $
  3. hmm do you think she fart like MC? like tehhh tehhh tehhh tehhh then tehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. she looks like a stuffed ...pinata...that you never wanted to beat it, to get candy. hmmm I changed my mind....at least pinata has candy inside....
  5. Well...whether if they sleep together in one bed or not (even Trump makes her sweeping the floor without a mop)...seeing Trump everyday is Halloween itself.
  6. noooo y'all wrong... that's Janet dressed as Kim.... Janet was stuck in Korea due to pandemic. She came there for nose fix... not that her nose need any fix at all
  7. I will be hated to say this... This is the 1st Madonna song in a long time that I love.... but the video..is …...I was hoping for more.... it's look like 200$ budget video....not that 200$ is bad...but......
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