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Would you pay thousands to look like THIS...

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3 hours ago, whyme? said:

Isn't the whole point of looking good to attract other people and make them want you!? This just makes people vomit and run away.

People are so dumb!


I think the whole point of looking good is first look good for yourself, then maybe other people will be attracted to you. In this case he probably thinks he looks good, but for the majority of people he looks awful... he definitely has some fucked up mental disorder and he is not even aware of it.

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On 2/8/2017 at 7:49 AM, mnino said:

Again, a personal trainer would have cost him half of the money he spent on implants... but to the lazy its own. 


I'd say he needs a 42-B.  

Freaks!  All of them. 



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3 hours ago, Robin said:

there was already a thread on this man. but does it get him pussy??

I wouldn't bet that pussy is what he's after  for... 😯

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this is really tragic.

No, I wouldnt pay any money, nor I would accept 10 millions to look like that.

I love my nose, my eyes, my lips, my beard too much to look like a plastic unnatural

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