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  1. Another scam to achieve what exactly? How does it even affect her that this is a thing? Moron.
  2. It's strange to me that there's no push back, or am I mistaken? If that was going on here in Australia, people would be up in arms. The pressure to resign for any misstep is pretty overwhelming and mostly always happens eventually. Are the Brits MIA?
  3. I hope they do...and bury themselves in the process! Fools
  4. Well, they don't hate Labor, but they don't unanimously love them either. They haven't gained much this election. The liberal party just lost so spectacularly which was mostly gained by the greens and independents. And I'm glad it has worked out this way. Had Labor been more aggressive on climate change and tax reform, I think that would have scared enough liberal voters to stick with the LNP. Having independents that are aggressive on climate change keeps Labor out of it, preserving their position, but will still ensure better action is taken. It will be as if the LNP don't exist the next few years. It's great.
  5. I agree with this. But I do hope that enough positive change occurs that makes this stick for a little while longer Albo needs to assert himself with the media thugs. It will be impossible otherwise. Yayayayaya Australia!
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