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  1. "Made up country" is a very twisted and hostile thing to say. Because on the flip side, one can argue that palestinians are a made up people, that there never was such an ethnic group, kingdom or nation, and that in fact they are really ex-egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians. While that's technically true, I would never deny their existence or right to have a country. I also wouldn't deny Israel's right to exist and have a country.
  2. I think the events at the Capitol spoke for themselves. There's no need to ban or impeach because then it becomes about banning, censoring, etc... and the right will twist the fuck out of it.
  3. Yayyy Jon Ossoff if going to win Georgia. I want to marry him and have a nice Jewish husband. He's so cute and smart :))
  4. Once again, the polls were totally off. Another 4 fucking years of trump followed by one of kids
  5. Are there any news sites leaking exit poll info? I can't take the suspense!
  6. Well Trump just won the election. No doubt about it. People will feel sorry for him because he's in the hospital. There's no question in my mind that he will get another 4 years now. I had hope because polls were quite strong in Bidens favor, but that's all out the window now.
  7. Thankfully those babies were not born! Imagine being raised by a mother that didn't want you, an absent father, a grandmother too old to take care of you, a family that had no money to support you, or having a life debilitating ailment that your parents knew about before the birth. Abortion is wonderful. There, I said it.
  8. This is the nightmare scenario that I remember people being worried about even 20 years ago. Back then, and until very recently, there were five liberal justices, five conservatives, and one leaning conservative. The leaning guy got replaced with a full blown conservative (and apparant date rapist) two years ago, thus solidifying the conservative vote. Now with RBG's death, that conservative majority is practically rock solid for decades. And Trumpf's family will likely be in politics for decades to come as those ugly minions vie to be president too. It's all very sad. She was a tr
  9. These beasts can barely run 20 meters without losing their breath
  10. Terrible:( But she should have retired when Obama was president and there was a senate majority. It was very VERY stubborn of her not to do so!!!! It's do obvious we would end up in this situation.
  11. How about we ban the bible for its depiction of slavery, prostitution, wars, murders, rapes, violations of women, etc... This is getting ridiculous. No reason to erase history. Our society today is more modern by leaps and bounds and surely everything that came before us is offensive. But let's not ban it!
  12. Is this the full song? Or was it cut down for the music video?
  13. Interrogate the shit out of him. We want to know EVERYTHING
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