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But how can you confuse those two? :lol:

Well that is what I am asking myself too. How on earth can I confuse both :(

And you are right, I want to have a discotheka version of deeper !!!!!

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LOL guys billet.ca are professional sclapers selling double price tickets. If they are 50%off for them it means the normal prices for us haha. Anyway they bought the tickets. It already count in the real system!! So if they dont sell them. It does not affect anyone outside them.

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Ok but can some of you guys elaborate a bit too on when your info has leaked in the past? I remember it for MDNA the day of rehearsals...

For all of the post-DWT shows, the full setlists were leaked by reliable sources no mater than 3 weeks before opening night.

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(Mike Tyson Opening)

1. Iconic

2. Living for Love / Like a Prayer (Living for Drums Re-Edit, mashup ala Lucky Star / Hung Up on CT)

3. Nothing Really Matters (+ Sorry)

4. Hold Tight


5. (S.E.X.)

6. Justify My Love / Inside Out (+ Whole Lotta Love)

7. Holy Water / Vogue (+ Candy Shop)

8. Like a Virgin (+ GGW)

9. Deeper and Deeper

10. Devil Pray


11. (Rescue Me)

12. Body Shop (alt: Rebel Heart)

13. Dress You Up

14. Who's That Girl

15. La Isla Bonita

16. Rebel Heart

IV. 1920's/1930's

17. (Graffiti Heart) (including fan art)

18. Music / Don't Tell Me (This is the medley covered by Tony's hand in that one pic)

19. True Blue

20. Love Profusion / La Vie en Rose (alt: Body Shop)

21. Between the Bars / Ghosttown

22. Take a Bow (alt: HeartBreakCity or LDLHA)


Madonna and her girls wearing neon weapons and ski masks for UB. Section will be inspired by Tank Girl.

23. (Illuminati)

24. Unapologetic Bitch

25. Bitch, I'm Madonna (+ Into the Groove, Everybody, Give It 2 Me)

26. Holiday

My setlists slay to be honest.

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The album was leaked almost three months before the official released.

We're almost 3 days before the tour stars and nothing.

It looks like her team has learned their lesson

yes, but the setlist is not so important like an album leak :)

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From Madonna extreme

The new Madonna tour will begin on September 9 in Montreal, Canada. If we had little information on the setlist, costumes or other details, here are the different themes where Madonna will sing new and old songs. Keep in mind that the setlist announced here may be changed by the first show ...

Opening: Backdrop with Mike Tayson
Unapologetic Bitch
Don't Tell Me
Causing a Commotion (maybe change)
Rebel Heart
# Theme 2 - SEX
# Theme 3 - CABARET
# Theme 5 - MADONNA
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w mdna fans outside the stadium taped her rehearsals outside but you could not hear it good. fans were talking over it. i think i heard the intro :p

the first time i saw the opening though.. a user named mymdna uploaded it. the footage was amazing. i thought she was in the golden thing that they were pushing away (the catholic ritual you see in the churches :p

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These rumoured and supposed set lists and their "maybe changed" -_- I highly doubt they would change The set list anymore... No time for it! These sites just say that to cover their lying ass

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Didn't we see footage of her rehearsing mdna taken from a rooftop from miles away at some point?

Yes of her wearing the I'm addicted outfit...but that was it until opening night when we heard the audio of rehearsal

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