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  1. Could not disagree more. And actually why are you here if it was that awful music? Such comments tell alot about your level of musical sophistication, as on objective musical criteria, Madame X certainly has some truly quality music. Yes, music is also a matter of personal taste, but that doesn't take away from its objective merrits. Opinions are opinions.
  2. Indeed indeed and in it's original sequencing.
  3. I really don't get the bitching about this?! It was perfectly fine and not rude and what not.
  4. A Stunning weird bizarre brilliant master piece! I love love love it
  5. Excuse me but no, just speak for yourself with your tired ass opinions. Her performing original versions would be the worst thing ever imo. Sure, not all songs need to be totally changed, but yeah... How about you stop speaking like your voice represents the majority. I am truly exited to hear new reinventions #soon as the tour starts!
  6. Hmmh, I really don't know what to say. It just didn't work. It was dreadfully out of tune, weird and too dark. Certainly didn't fit Eurovision. I appreciate the message and intent, but it didn't work. Everybody in the party I was in pretty much hated it and even missed the message...
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