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  1. I already want to choke people who walk down the street looking down at their phones without looking where they're going... this just made things worse.
  2. She really put her heart and soul into the writing and concept for this era. And you're right, so much of it applies to things that have happened. Which is why I get annoyed when people think she's just trying to sell an album when saying #RebelHeart. It's a concept, a character, her life, and the lives of anybody who wants to take something from it!
  3. I was going to pick Blood Diamonds because what he did for the album is pretty impressive, but then upon re-seeing the tracks Toby Gad was behind, I picked him!
  4. #RebelHeartTour and #Madonna have been trending for a while today on my Twitter at different times, so I thought she might have added new dates. I suppose it's also because the tour is about to start again for 2016. So exciting!
  5. Madonna definitely still has a huge interest online when she releases music (or her music gets leaked, lol).
  6. I had to listen to the demo again because a lot of people say it's better, but I like the album version best upon comparison. Production is really slick. Though I suppose they could have thrown in the harmonies on the final version.
  7. Spotlight is such a fun track. Thanks for posting this!
  8. Some hardcore fans might not like it, but greatest hits are usually good for getting people into artists. Especially before the digital age where songs can now be easily compiled, and before album sales went into the shitter. But even still today, certain people will check out greatest hits. It would have been nice to have a new song. And a more inspired name to the collection. But I have my copy and love that there was a greatest hits at that point in the second decade of her career. It made sense to have another collection from her.
  9. I'm pretty lucky that most family and friends know I am a huge Madonna freak, and are therefore pretty kind when it comes to topics about her. She comes up a fair amount or is played if I am hanging with people for extended periods of time, haha. If people don't like her, fine. I can handle it. But I like what was stated by pjcowley above - it if is an idiotic remark like something ageist, then she should be defended.
  10. I really busted a move to this song at the last Madonna night I went to. Sounds so damn banging in a club!
  11. I'm so glad I saw this masterpiece. It certainly is the top tour of the year. NOBODY has the vision that Madonna has!
  12. Well that rendition of "Holiday" was unexpected and a surprise! Love her!!
  13. And p.s. I also love Demo #2 and the fact that there are different vocal takes?
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