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Which M's studio album has the most fillers tracks?

Sky Fits Heaven

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Erotica and Bedtime Stories although both of those albums contain some of my all time fav madonna songs! It's just that there's also a lot of filler. Does something to remember count? :)

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I Know It

Think Of Me

Like A Virgin

Love Don't Live Here Anymore




True Blue

White Heat

Love Makes The World Go Round

Like A Prayer




In This Life

Bedtime Stories

Forbidden Love

Love Tried To Welcome Me

Ray Of Light


To Have and Not To Hold

Little Star


I Deserve It

Nobody's Perfect

What It Feels Like For A Girl

American Life

I'm So Stupid

Nobody Knows Me

Confessions On A Dance Floor

I Love New York


Hard Candy

Spanish Lesson



Some Girls


I Don't Give A

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I think all of her albums have afew filler tracks, but none stand out as having more filler than others. 'Music' has the least filler imo (and this was why she only wanted 10 tracks) and yet its far from her best album. Sometimes the filler tracks add to the flow of the album.

To use Ray Of Light as an example I would consider Shanti and Little Star to be the filler on there, but yet they are integral to the overall flow of the album and the story she is telling. I don't skip them when I listen to it as a whole.

It's the same as when you go to a live show, she could do hit after hit but it would be overkill. You need those duller moments to make the highlights really sparkle.

Totally agree. Very well said.

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My instinctive reaction is MDNA, but really most of the tracks on MDNA serves different purposes, so they aren't really filler. Based on the principle that filler is a track that offers a lesser version of something already on the album, I'd say Bedtime Stories probably, although I love all the tracks on that album.

I'm not sure filler is the same as bad.

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I agree.'Where's The Party' especially.

How is that a filler? It was considered as a single, radio picked it, charted in us, included on YCD, no.1 on the dance chart, included in two tours.

One of her signature non-single songs.

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1. "Drowned World/Substitute for Love" Madonna, William Orbit, Rod McKuen, Anita Kerr, David Collins Madonna, Orbit 5:09 2. "Swim" Madonna, Orbit Madonna, Orbit 5:00 3. "Ray of Light" Madonna, Orbit, Clive Muldoon, Dave Curtis, Christine Leach Madonna, Orbit 5:21 4. "Candy Perfume Girl" Madonna, Orbit, Susannah Melvoin Madonna, Orbit 4:34 5. "Skin" Madonna, Patrick Leonard Madonna, Orbit, Marius de Vries 6:22 6. "Nothing Really Matters" Madonna, Leonard Madonna, Orbit, de Vries 4:27 7. "Sky Fits Heaven" Madonna, Leonard Madonna, Orbit, Leonard 4:48 8. "Shanti/Ashtangi" Madonna, Orbit Madonna, Orbit 4:29 9. "Frozen" Madonna, Leonard Madonna, Orbit, Leonard 6:12 10. "The Power of Good-Bye" Madonna, Rick Nowels Madonna, Orbit, Leonard 4:10 11. "To Have and Not to Hold" Madonna, Nowels Madonna, Orbit, Leonard 5:23 12. "Little Star" Madonna, Nowels Madonna, de Vries 5:18 13. "Mer Girl"

Thats a WHOPPING 7 FILLERS! Dear Lord.

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