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  1. Or it could be that some people just doesn't have the decency to celebrate someone's life who just passed because they lived miserably all their lives and want others just be miserable as well... It is basic human decency to celebrate the life of the dead, especially of someone like Queen Elizabeth... Fairy tales is not even part of it...
  2. The lowering of the coffin was just crushing.... brings back memories of recent deaths in the family... Was there a movie about the love story of Elizabeth and Phillip? Phillip's lifetime of sacrifice was so admirable and commendable and Elizabeth loved him back... Too bad their children wasn't as lucky and lived trainwreck marriages...
  3. EXACTLY! Why politicize her death, right? The QUEEN wasn't even opinionated about heavy political issues when she was alive because doing so would further divide the people. She let the politicians have all of it.
  4. These posters have been acting that way for ages... Just ignore them... Let's just celebrate QE2 and how she stayed apolitical all those years...
  5. I watched a doc recently about Earth's history and again I wondered, all of these progress that we made through thousands of years as humans could easily be wiped out with one wayward meteor, just like how the Dinos were wiped out. It takes millions of years in between to happen but one day it will.
  6. Even though I loved the service, watched it for like 8 straight hours on CNN, those numbers are just estimates... Do not give those numbers of too much importance... There's far better things about it to talk about...
  7. I loved it when they brought out her pets... Her funeral service is probably the most watched TV event globally indeed. Too bad, I don't see anyone from her family worthy of following her footsteps. Queen Elizabeth II and Phillip's love and reign was exceptional, near perfection. Her beautiful and elaborate sendoff fit her well.
  8. Yeah, the only possible heir Queen is Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William, but the throne will have to go through Prince George first...
  9. I wonder what century will the UK be led by another Queen? We are lucky to have witnessed her reign. I feel for the Brits here.
  10. Should we expect a new Candle In the Wind version?
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