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  1. The states which are yet to declare where republican in the last election & will remain so...nothing has flipped since the last election. So stop clinging onto false hope.
  2. I agree but it’s not the way to win an election as the results will prove. Think critically & objectively NOT hopefully & deludedly.
  3. Trump has won. It’s so fkn obvious from the AP polling maps, the left wing media is jst clinging on to false hope. I despise Trump & am not a Republican but fuk me Sleepy Joe was not the right candidate- if trump made the amount of confusing mistakes and slurring babble as Biden, Nancy pelosi et al would have questioned trumps mental capacity.
  4. I think everyone could have been satisfied if they went for the ‘Double Sided Strategy’ of releasing different first singles for different parts of the world (this was actually discussed by her label): Medellin: 1st Single for South America, Latin American, Spanish World Faz Gostoso: released 2 weeks after the above in the same markets God Control: 1st Single for USA, Europe, Japan Crave: released 2 weeks after the above in same markets Future: Radio single only Released 2 weeks after the last single to all The World.
  5. No no no, both are great covers. In fact the blonde should have been the front cover & black on the back
  6. My top 5 studio albums in no order (I picked these as I can listen to them from start to finish with no skipping) Bedtime Stories Erotica Ray Of Light Confessions Madame X
  7. USA is not the entire world. Eurovision was a huge audience in a huge market (bigger than us in total). performance wise she was great both LAP & FUTURE were visually good, set was great, outfits good, choreography good. The show wasn’t as energetic Live 8 or Live Earth (yeh remember how good those where and how happy we all were at the good press, we all instantly knew after watching that it went great bcz we felt great! We are all arm chair critics and our views are valid, so FU to everyone who says we are making to much of a big deal about Eurovision)... anyway back to Eurovis
  8. Good. Hopefully they have tagged it onto the Start of the Filming of the MX tour which will be released as worldwide premiere on Netflix before the end of May whilst we are all still in lockdown ... a girl can dream. Zzzzzzzzz
  9. If she was still with Warner’s this single & LFL From RH would have been worldwide no.1’s!
  10. Other than Adele & Drake - all artists sales have been declining since 2010...
  11. Soooooo I see Eminem’s new video is about Gun Control! our Queen did it first but will be interesting to see if eminems vid catches the attention of the GP in a way that god Control did not.
  12. This is head scratching - how does all this not translate into album sales/singles chart placings? maybe the issue is that Warner’s was such an omnipresent multimedia juggernaut that being signed to them provided the marketing push M needed. i know artists like Prince have rallied against the big labels & their control but maybe the labels do make the artist...
  13. Nice little nom! I wonder if she will be nominated for any Brit Awards or make an appearance at the 2020 show as she will be in London!
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