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  1. 9 hours ago, Curtains said:

    This is it! The results are calculated, it is time to know how the fanbase ranked Madame X!


    The results show will start tomorrow, July 2nd, at 9.00pm CEST (3pm for american folks). Hope you'll be a lot here as it is probably the biggest megarate I've organized: with over 80 voters, it is a record, and I'm quite impressed! Thanks to you all that have participated! :) You can start posting your predictions right now!



    I voted too!

  2. 3 hours ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    The only live stream will be people in the crowd using their cell phones. I'm sure an edited version will appear later on. I'm pretty sure it took weeks before the Met Gala popped up on her channel.

    It was released as a present to fans on her birthday. Months later.

  3. 2 hours ago, Msig said:

    Btw, if M does indeed do an interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest, she'll have to do at least two dress rehearsals in front of a paying audience before the actual televised live show.

    Would she be up for that? I doubt it...

    Ofcourse! We all know What happened at the Brits, rehearsal is her thing. If it Goes well she might ask eurovision to play the tape instead...

  4. On 7/22/2018 at 8:03 AM, Katypatra said:

    MDNA had no promotion at all apart from that  Jimmie Falcone Facebook thing. Everything else was about W.E. 

    Rebel Heart had a lot of promotion, but people didn’t really relate to her first single. She should have started with the Ghosttown image and Bitch I’m Madonna should have been the first single and it would have shook up the world! 


    Mdna had the super bowl which made a sold out tour. That was the promotion I think.

  5. 2 hours ago, Bretticus said:

    Here's what I'd love to see, but it will never happen!

    • No pre-orders or instant grat pre-release single on iTunes. 4 or 5 "teaser" video clips about 10-15 seconds each before a music video release of the lead single. Video on Vevo a few hours before the single is released to iTunes. Have the single, plus a remix bundle ready to go on sale, include a newly commissioned remix of one or two Madonna classics in this bundle as an "Album Only" exclusive.
    • The next day, add only the single to Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music streaming, not the remixes (add those the following week, making them iTunes exclusives for a time). Release a new exclusive remix of the single each week for the next 4 weeks to keep sales ticking along. 
    • Release some format of physical single. A 7", a CD single, a 12" vinyl, a Picture Disc, whatever, something or everything - fans are going to buy whatever is released, get stuff out there ready for us to buy and collect! A huge chunk of her fanbase now aren't massive music streamers or digital purchasers, vinyl is king again now, so give us vinyl to buy!
    • Start an online/TV/print hype campaign for the album a month before the album release. New photoshoots, maybe a high profile endorsement with the new single attached to it? Surprise TV appearances on some late night shows/music awards/Ellen/whatever. Not overkill, just a couple in the US, UK, Germany, France and finally Australia and Japan. Interviews or exclusive performances, of course perform the new single along with a Madonna classic or two.
    • When the album is ready for release, give us the whole box and dice. Follow a path similar to Kylie and her "Golden" album, have the album available in loads of formats and bundles, each with it's own exclusive. This will push sales, whilst keeping loons like me happy collecting all sorts of different things :)

    That's just a few ideas which would make things fun!


    I 2nd that

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